My secret love

Yesterday on Twitter, there was a story about a young girl who wanted to wear her Star Wars t-shirt to school but was afraid to because she did not want to be made fun of because she liked, ‘boy things’.

To show my support for this, and all other girls, old and young, who like different things; Star wars, The Stargate series, whatever, etc., here is one of the things I love that some would say a 50 year old woman should not enjoy. They may think it is ‘too young’ for me, too childish, whatever. ‘They’ do not live my life. I live my life. The thing I like? MANGA

Anime Drawing ...

Not JUST Manga, but animation and cartoons as well. I have always loved animation and cartoons. I loved Manga before I knew it had a name. (I do not read or watch ALL, Manga. I am careful about what I expose myself to when I read/watch movies. If you are concerned about introducing your kids to Manga and/or anime, screen it before buying it. Like anything else, there is the clean, and the dark, corrupted versions. Be the watch dog for your kids, and yourself.)

When I was a child, there was a animated (anime) mermaid series I would watch on t.v. Whenever I went to the pool, I would pretend I was a mermaid. I have been searching all morning but I cannot find anything about it on the Internet. I also used to watch SpeedRacer, and Johnny Quest. Perhaps it was because my dad was also into these things. I was a daddy’s girl and if he had been into football I probably would have been a football enthusiast. Today, all grown up, I enjoy a Steampunk comic series by the name of, Girl Genius.

I follow a Manga artist on Youtube by the name of, Mark Crilley. His is an amazing artist who produces weekly, how-to-draw videos. I just pre-ordered his latest book, how to draw Chibi. If you like Manga, have someone in your life who likes it check out his stuff. Even if you don’t want to draw Manga, art books are fun to read. Well, I think so.

This was not a post to promote, Mark Crilley, his videos or drawing books. I am not receiving any sort of kickback. I just want to encourage you to support the things you like, even if no one else likes them, or understands you.


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