Cashew butter is not considered dairy

And a recipe you can use.

Ninja kitty practicing
I rebuke your ignorance of food!

Yes, while I was perusing, Pinterest looking for paleo recipes, I came across a recipe that had cashew butter listed as an ingredient… under DAIRY. Come on people. You’re not even trying.

Yesterday on, The Chew, Carla made a sweet potato hash. You know I had to try and… I did.

One large sweet potato.

1/2 a sweet onion

Carving board turkey slices (enough for 2 people)

a handful of spinach

2 eggs


avocado oil

garlic powder


I washed the sweet potato, removed any ‘eyes’, and then pierced it with my knife several times. I wrapped in in a damp towel, placed it in the microwave and cooked in until soft and mushy, about 10-15 minutes. I cracked it open and buttered it. During the time it was cooking, I sautéed the onion in the avocado oil, adding to that the turkey and spinach when the onion was more opaque and browned on the edges, season as desired with the garlic powder, s&p.  When the mixture is almost cooked through, add more oil to the pan and cook the eggs fried egg style.

Cut the sweet potato in half and divide it between two preheated plates. Place the onion, turkey, spinach layer inside the potato and top it with the egg. If you have an avocado you may add pieces of it to the top of the ‘hash’.

Carla used ham with her hash and added hot sauce as well. My potato is more anti-inflammation friendly. To make it even more anti-inflammation friendly, you may add 1/2 a tsp or more if desired, of turmeric to the mixture of veggies and meat as it is cooking. Just be sure to add pepper as it helps the turmeric work better.

You just made a yummy, filling, breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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