30 day challenge

Paleo 101

Who is up for a 30 day challenge? Even if you are thin and do not seem to be able to gain weight, the paleo way of eating can help you. I have read books with before and after photos of young men who were very thin, went of paleo and were able to gain muscle. The paleo way of eating is not about losing with although weight loss can (and usually does) happen. The paleo way of eating is about decreasing inflammation which can mask itself as weight gain.

Since my little melt down over life and all the craps storms of late (read about it HERE) I have put myself back on the paleo way of eating and I have already dropped 10 pounds. No, I am not starving myself. Before hitting paleo hard again, my blood glucose levels were 121. Five points away from being officially diabetic. Today, they tested at 118. Many people are walking around pre-diabetic or even diabetic and they do not even know that they could test positive for the disease. I highly recommend purchasing a glucose monitor even if you are considered fit. Halle Berry, a beautiful, fit woman, has type 2 diabetes. There are factors that lead to this disease that have NOTHING to do with being over weight.

Diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, depression, cancer, and many other illnesses. You CAN do something about it. You can start your own 30 day challenge eating the paleo way. If you join my challenge, you will receive assistance along the way in the form of encouragement, shopping lists, and workout advice when you are ready. People who are part of a weight loss community lose on average more weight than those who do not join a group for support.

If you are ready to change your life, simply fill out the form above to contact me for more information.


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