Fear is powerful mojo

I was a Mary Kay Consultant for ten years.

Happy Birthday, Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay Ash

I went to many sales meetings. I think I just needed ‘The Happy’. We talked quite a bit about fear, motivation, and getting out there and doing what you needed to do to get what you wanted. One of the things my director taught me was; FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. I had some false evidence scare the crap out of me several weeks ago when hubby had his stent put into his chest. A TUBE put into the ARTERY IN HIS CHEST! As, Marie Osmund would say, ‘oh my heck!’. It was scary… VERY scary. When you are standing there listening to how close to death the person who keeps YOUR heart beating came, you go a little nut-so.

I absolutely felt dead inside until I met, and married, my husband.

I am a Certified, Clinical Herbalist. Everything I read to get that certificate, everything I have read in the pursuit of understanding health and wellness has emphasized a plant based diet. The most recommended diet is the Mediterranean Diet.  I have also read books on the paleo diet such as; Neanderthin by Ray Audette.

NeanderThin: Eat Like a Caveman to Achieve a Lean, Strong, Healthy Body: Ray Audette, Troy ...

Even though this man is a total bigot toward Christians and I think much of what is said about evolution is b.s., his book has been the book that explained to me better than any other why paleo works… why it makes so much sense to eat this way. I am not going to go into all the details here, but I do recommend reading THIS book to learn more about our bodies and why paleo works so well for healing people of may of the diseases from which we are suffering including cancer, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, etc. Here too is a LINK to an article about an explorer by the name of Stefansson who survived in the far north on an all meat diet without suffering any ill effects.

Since we know that grains scratch the inside of veins an arteries and that collagen then builds up to heal those scratches which in turn causes arteries to block, why in the hell are doctors STILL recommending ‘heart healthy’ diets that are high in grains? I knew this too! I knew this as I stood by the side of my husband’s hospital bed crying after they wheeled him out of the O.R. We had not been doing the paleo diet diligently. It was paleo plus whatever else we felt like eating. I, however, have had enough and I am going back on the paleo diet HARDCORE. No more cheating. I know better. I’ve been studying this stuff for my whole adult life basically but studying paleo for the last 10 years. I know what to do but I was enjoying not doing it. Of course I was. Go watch that A&E show I told you about HERE. Fast food is like crack cocaine. Not that I have ever done those kinds of drugs so as to have first hand knowledge . No. My drugs of choice are fast food burgers, baby. I have my favorites and you know who you are! A great deal of research has gone into finding the ‘bliss point’. The bliss point is a real thing and it works. Holler! The makers of fast food pay scientists a great deal of money to find the bliss point. It is that special point in which sugar and salt come together to make food irresistible… and it works. Why am I telling you this? Because sugar hides in so many seemingly innocent looking foods. There are some good documentaries out there about sugar and the bliss point. I highly recommend sitting down and watching one or two of them. I really did think that the Mediterranean diet would be something great for my husband and I. I thought we could do it and lose weight, lower his blood glucose levels, etc., etc., but no. It’s wreaking havoc on my digestion. My husband has a wound on his leg that should have healed quickly but now I’m worried about it. The threat to people’s health from eating grains is real, and should not be taken lightly.

I cannot force my husband to eat the paleo way. This does make it harder for me to stick with it but I do not want to end up on an operating table having things shoved through my veins, nor do I have any desire to develop type 2 diabetes and have to give myself shots everyday and worry about losing limbs because I got a scratch that will not heal.

I’m sorry, dear readers. I’m sorry that I allowed a skinny, fear mongering cardiologist scare me into breaking more of my food rules, and that I wrote about it as if it were a good thing. It was not.

Back to it. Back to eating what is, in my opinion, the healthiest way for me, and many other people, to eat.




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