What people don’t realize.. and I’m back to paleo

Uuuugggghhhh! Thanks, but no thanks. I realize you think you are trying to help, but I really don’t need THAT kind of help. What kind of help am I talking about? The kind of help where people from church I barely know randomly text me to let me know I can be their guest at their gym cuz you know… I’m so fat and all that if someone doesn’t offer a FREE workout to me RIGHT NOW!- I’m going to keel over, and die of clogged arteries and such. Then, there’s the demand from a certain family member who took me to the eye doctor yesterday that I WALK down these stairs cuz you know, if I don’t get some exercise RIGHT NOW!- I’m going to keel over from clogged arteries and such.

News flash, ‘helpers’ I know I’m fat. Do you know you are a fat shaming busy body with absolutely no right to do what you are doing even under the guise of ‘helping’?

Fit/Fat Shaming, Judging, and Simply Being You - DeanSomerset.com

Why is it that some people who do not have obvious weight issues (and even some who do) think it is ‘ok’ to ‘help’ other people out of their ‘obviously self imposed prisons of fat’? If all us fat people would just love ourselves more we could eat less and exercise ourselves into acceptable members of society!! Wow! Thanks! I’ve finally found the answer to all my weight issues.

Or the alternative… my body is none of your business. From complimenting me when I do lose weight to making rude comments about what I eat when I don’t. None of it helps. It’s none of your business how much make up I wear, or don’t. If I wear my hair up, or down. If I wear a dress, I’m accused of dressing up, if I don’t people want to know if I’m ok because I obviously didn’t put any effort into looking nice so I must be suicidal.

Enough is enough. Find something else to do besides analyze and comment on every little thing I do , or do not do. There must be something else more interesting out there in the world that can occupy your attention while I go live my life without your input.

By the way, I’ve been eating the Mediterranean Diet for two weeks now and I have barely lost 2 pounds but I have gained stomach cramps that make me double of in mind numbing screaming pain, constipation, heart burn, and when not constipated, diarrhea. Yay! Cuz nothing is better than having the most recommended way of eating jack up your digestion.

Eff the MDiet. I’m going back to paleo.


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