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Mediterranean Diet Information & Vision Health

My husband had to have a stent put into his heart two Thursdays ago. He had a 90% blockage. He is a heavy consumer of grains, and grains scratch your arteries which causes cholesterol to build up in an attempt to repair your arteries. Combine that with my deep desire to join the other members of my church during the Lenten fast, brings me to the Mediterranean Diet.

I have struggled for years to eat the paleo way. this is very difficult to do when you have a husband who thinks his life has no meaning without grain based carbs. In an effort to compromise, I am cooking Mediterranean but with a greatly reduced amount of grains. More veggies though, and calorie counting. When Lent hits, I hope to be totally meat free for those 40 days. I have a friend who is a vegetarian and she does not eat large amounts of grains. She gave me a recipe that I want to share with you. It does contain ranch dressing which contains eggs and milk and is therefore not an official Lent approved meal HOWEVER, right now, I’m just trying to do the meatless part of the Lenten Fast. Baby steps… baby steps.

I know I have written about the paleo diet in the past. Maybe I will go back to it after Lent but it is hard to do paleo AND fast since paleo is a meat based diet. I do plan to augment my daily food intake with protein powders and if I do not take collagen peptides everyday, I cannot physically move so that is still going to happen. We do what we can with what we have.

My current goal is to lose 10% of my body weight over the next 30+ days. Hubby is on board. He is doing so well with the stent. He is actually pink now where before the stent, he was gray. God is good!

Olive Coleslaw Recipe

1/2 a bag of pre-made coleslaw (with the assorted veggies)

5 large green olives stuffed with garlic

1/2 of a can of garbanzo beans rinsed well and drained

Method: Combine all the ingredients into a bowl large enough to hold it all. Slice up the olives however you like. I cut them into rounds by going down the length of the olive. Pour enough ranch dressing over it all, about 1/2 a jar but also add a few splashes of olive juice to thin out the dressing. Stir to combine ingredients with the dressing. Let it sit just a bit before serving. You can modify it a bit and add red onion, or other veggies but the olives and garbanzo beans go surprisingly well together.



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