Meal prep in an Instant pot


I have lost count of how many times I have used my Instant Pot since Christmas. This thing has changed my life. Today, I am meal prepping. It is a huge endeavor but necessary. When you want to eat clean, you need to make it convenient. It is hard to justify stopping off at the local fast food restaurant when you know you have good, clean food waiting for you at home. all that is required is a re-heat.

So far, I have cooked tricolored quinoa, and red potatoes in my pot. On the stove top, I have cooked large, flat, garden herb pasta I picked up from the German market near my house. After the potatoes are done cooking, I will cook up some onions and mushrooms and then the meat. We have dark meat chicken, salmon, and beef. Dark meat has, IMHO, more flavor than white meat and our bodies need the fat from the dark meat chicken.

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I ordered these off of Ebay.

Today, I am using some of my glass containers for food storage until these 2-compartment containers I ordered off of Ebay today arrive (MONDAY!). Hey, can’t beat free shipping and they are $5.00 less than the prices on amazon WITH another $8.00 for regular shipping and $23.00 for next day shipping. I am not in that big of a hurry.

In the containers with the pasta will also go cooked spinach, and protein. In the quinoa there is some chopped tomato added plus protein. Some sort of fruit will accompany the containers that go into my husband’s lunch kit as well as extra protein.

There are many meal prepping memes on Pinterest but be careful. Make sure you are getting good amounts of protein. I use the meal preps as inspiration. When my other containers arrive, I will have more room to play with and do some experimentation.

Do you meal prep? Do you like it?


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