Are you planning to end well?

Twenty eighteen has barely begun. Twenty seventeen is still in our respective rear view mirrors. It can be easy to get trapped in the past… to remember failures and wonder if you will be able to succeed this time. You can succeed if you want to succeed. I do not take such declarations lightly. Your past performance does not need to determine the out come of your future endeavors. Only you have control over your life. Make it happen anyway you can. Get up early to go to the gym. Meal prep on the weekends and say, ‘no’ to situations you know will cause you to over eat of cheat on your meal plan. Stop going out for lunch and coffee. There are so many hidden calories in convenient foods and drinks. You have within you the power to make what you want become reality. What reality will you focus on in 2018? It may seem premature to talk about the end of 2018 at its beginning, but what better time to make your plans for future success than in the present?


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