Go ahead… eat a carrot

Roasted Carrots with Balsamic Glaze
Photo from Pinterest

I think that sometimes, carrots get a bad rap because of their sugar content. When I was going to my personal trainer years ago, she forbade me from eating carrots. I believe we need to look at some of the previously vilified ways of eating and even bring some of them back to help fight off disease and illness.

Livestrong.com says this about carrots.

Unlike some foods, the glycemic index of carrots can vary to a fairly significant degree. According to Harvard Medical School, carrots have a glycemic index ranking of 47, plus or minus 16. There are many factors that go into determining the glycemic index ranking of a food, including how much the food is cooked and how much the food is processed. Cooked carrots, for instance, have a glycemic index of 39. Fresh 100-percent carrot juice has a glycemic index of 45. Canned carrots that have been processed would likely be among the higher GI types of carrots.

Carrots are good for you and they do not need added sugar when cooking. Clean them up, drizzle melted butter or bacon grease over them after having placed them on either baking sheet or in a covered casserole dish (depending on how many you are cooking). Add herbs to taste, I like garlic, salt & pepper with a bit of thyme.

Carrots contain vitamins good for your eyes (so does Kerry Gold butter because it is made from the milk of cows that eat fast growing grass (spring time grass)) which contains more beta-carotene.

Also from the livestrong.com site is information about carrots and cancer:Studies have shown carrots reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Falcarinol is a natural pesticide produced by the carrot that protects its roots from fungal diseases. Carrots are one of the only common sources of this compound. A study showed 1/3 lower cancer risk by carrot-eating rats.

Carrots are good for your skin, eating five or more carrots per week can reduce your chances of having a stroke. Raw carrots, like raw apples, can help clean your teeth while you chew. Carrots contain antioxidants. They are one of the main ingredients in chicken soup which is a popular remedy for colds and flu. I just made a big batch of chicken soup in my Instantpot!

A healthy fall dish of carrots with other root vegetables such as parsnip, turnip, beets and rutabaga, and onions go well with a nice roast, chicken, lamb, or even fish. Be sure to cook your food with a good amount of healthy fats. Fat helps the body absorb nutrients. Add herbs for extra nutrients and you are on your way to cooking healthier!

Kerry Gold butter did not pay me, or ask me, to write about their product, nor did Instantpot.

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