How do you heal yourself?

When people talk about revamping health care, it never seems to go beyond paying for the same old same old. Health care will always be about corporate institutionalized treatment of illness which means; cutting (surgery), burning (chemo), and poisoning (radiation and all pharmaceuticals). In MY idealized world of health care coverage, insurance pays for what is commonly referred to these days as ‘alternative medicine’. I believe it is called so in an attempt to turn people away from actual healing thereby keeping more profits in corporatized ‘health care’. Health care in America is a huge profiteering scam.

Every doctor my husband has seen this past year has recommended he have a sleep study. My friend who battled cancer was told by HER doctors to have a sleep study. Why? Because sleep studies are being covered by insurance after years of being denied. When my husband tells doctors that he did his own oxygen study which showed he needed to be put on oxygen they all did a double take. It was inconceivable to them that someone not a doctor or scientist could do an intelligent self study and figure out what they needed. We have insurance that should let us make appointments to specialist without a referral from the insurance company. Works in theory but when we try to make referrals with specialists, they ask us to get a referral from our primary care physician which totally negates not needing a referral from the insurance company. We do not just have managed ‘health care’ in America, we have over managed, micromanaged profiteering of disease in America. Not only did my friend survive stage 3++ breast cancer, she survived her TREATMENT. That is huge.

Is 2018 the year you take back your health?

I decided when I was 30 to go a different route altogether in the management of my health. I had seen, and still see, the effects of managed ‘health care’ on family members. In my 30’s I began to have lumps show up in my breasts. After two surgeries that resulted in four incisions, a drainage tube, scars, and other issues, I decided I had to do something different with my health care. I began to ‘self care’. It was not just looking at the possibility of developing breast cancer that triggered my desire for true healing. I had grown up in a seemingly perpetual state of illness. As a result of years of taking antibiotics, there are few, if any, antibiotics that I can take without developing serious side effects and with some come the possibility of death.

I am currently dealing with a bacterial infection. Instead of it coming on in October and lingering through to spring, it has hit now in January. How am I dealing with it? With my favorite homeopathic remedies; garlic, and oregano supplements, and with my own personal blend of essential oils. If I get copious amounts of mucus, I’ll make a tea from raspberry leaves and goldenseal. The raspberry increases my vitamin C levels as does the garlic and oregano while the goldenseal dries up my nose. If I get VERY ill, I will rub either oregano oil on the bottoms of my feet (use with caution it burns, you may need to put it into a carrier oil) or my essential oil blend I mentioned that contains; clove, rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon oil. Having a strong enough immune system that can fight off disease is essential to every person but not always possible given how we pollute our environment and food.

As I have mentioned before in my About section and Disclaimer, I am a certified clinical herbalist. As I took myself on my journey of healing, I decided to make it more ‘official’ in a desire to share my acquired knowledge with those who are also interested in ways of improving their health and wellbeing but who may not wish to use corporate medicine.

If you think about it, people did not always have access to managed ‘health care’ as they do today. Usually, the care and wellbeing of the family fell on the shoulders of the wife. Many people had personal gardens, and herb gardens. I remember my grandmother’s garden. Knowledge of what was then, and is still, referred to as, ‘folk remedies’ was passed down from generation to generation. I believe that what is now referred to as, ‘modern medicine’ has disconnected people from the earth, from plants, and even from their bodies.

Part of what I do is to educate people on what is available to them from nature, from stores, from the food they eat, etc. in the hope that each person I come into contact with will endeavor to learn more about how to care for themselves in order to ease their dependence on ‘modern medicine’.  In my version of universal health care, people would not need to put money aside in a health savings or flex account in oder to purchase supplements & essential oils, get massages, or have colonics. In the health care system I envision, gym memberships as well as operations, MRI’s and prescriptions would be covered along side items needed for homeopathic healing.

As you enter into 2018, I hope you will enter into a new mindset concerning your health and wellness. I plan to do so. My first step is to refrain from posting so much about working out. There is nothing wrong with working out but there is so much more to healing than just crushing it in the gym everyday.  Also, as I get older, I’m not interested in slinging weighs around. After decades of hyper focus on what went into my mouth to achieve weight loss, that never really happened but I still spent way too much of my time thinking about and obsessing over food.  I plan instead to post more about herbs, supplements, and other avenues we can take to improve our health and wellbeing. I will be sharing tips with you about what I do to stay healthy.

If you are interested in taking charge of your health this year is ways you never have before, or you started to explore but now you are looking for more information, follow my blog and keep up with the latest information you need to help make 2018 your year for better wellness.


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