Have you ever used an Onggi?

Sometimes, I buy my own gifts. It’s easier for my husband and neither of us really mind. We are not that big into gift giving. I prefer greeting cards, and making memories with him rather than just spending money ‘because’. Because it’s our anniversary, ‘because’ it is Christmas, etc. Besides, I at that age where another gift is usually just something else to dust, or that takes up room in an already overly crowded home. If it is something more practical, THEN I’m interested. Such as with the sweet new, onggi I purchased today at the local Korean grocery store for my Christmas present.

Onggi Jar Small - Korean Cuisine RecipesKorean Cuisine Recipes

I love fermented foods. I got into them a few years back and even purchased a large, fermentation crock.

TSM Products 31060 German Style Fermentation Harvest Pot with Stone Weight, 5-Liter

It is way too big for small batch fermentation. I bought a larger one because I thought I would be fermenting foods for my whole family. I had dreams of giving away perfectly fermented sauerkraut to EVERYONE I met. Ok, not really but it would have been possible with the monster sized crock I just HAD to have. Fast forward several years and I cannot eat sauerkraut fast enough to justify using such a large piece of equipment. It is too big to just ferment one or two heads of cabbage. It is big, and cumbersome. It has the capacity to feed a large, Amish family. And… it is heavy, and takes up too much space on the counter.

Today, while at the Korean market, I saw a small onggi pot that would fit perfect on my kitchen counter. I LOVE kimchi. I know. But what are you going to do? Also, this store pickles and ferments just about everything. So many ideas… so little time. There was cucumber kimchi, seaweed kimchi, squid kimchi, as well as fermented; plums, black beans, and other assorted vegetables. Know who else loves kimchi?

Jason Momoa Aquaman photo from 'Batman v Superman' finally ...

That’s right, Aquaman, aka, Jason Mamoa.

Look at this diorama of a woman in traditional Korean dress making large-batch kimchi. No need for shredding the cabbage when using such a large pot.

19 best images about Onggi on Pinterest | Slow food ...

Since kimchi is traditionally made in the cooler, late fall months of November & December, large onggi pots would sit outside behind the home in a protected courtyard area.

If you would like ot try your hand at making kimchi, here are some recipes and videos. An onggi is not essential to making kimchi. It is just more fun and I love pottery. What better an excuse for buying pottery than for fermenting food?

Recipe- http://www.eliefs.com/fermentation-recipes/how-to-make-kimchi_kimchi-recipe/

Here are a couple of videos showing how to make kimchi. One is a traditional kimchi and one is an easy kimchi. Both look delicious and I wish she and I were friends! lol


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