Can you use malt vinegar?


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I am not promoting any one brand over another. this is just what I have at my house. I figure the people who eat fish & chips the way we eat hamburgers ought to know a thing or two about making malt vinegar!

Most of us associate malt vinegar with British t.v.. A pub, a newspaper bundle filled with mouth water fried fish, and what we Americans call French fries. The bundle is enthusiastically peeled open and generous amounts of malt vinegar, and salt are poured over the contents of the bundle before being eaten. Did you know… you can do more with malt vinegar than just put it on fish & chips?

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For years, apple cider vinegar has received a great deal of attention for its health benefits. Primarily in the paleo community because it is not made from grains as are rice vinegar, malt vinegar, and white vinegar in which corn is used. While I am not a fan of any corn products; buh-bye white vinegar, I understand enough about fermentation and its effect on grains to give myself ‘the green light’ when it comes to using them in cooking, as dressings ingredients,  and as condiments.

Malt vinegar comes from the sweet syrup derived from barley malt. The syrup is fermented until it becomes vinegar. Fermented grains are ok to eat. It is the fermentation process which makes them safe, and even beneficial, to eat. During the fermentation process, whatever is being fermented is, in-a-way, predigested. Not fully, but it begins to break the fermented food down before it even hits your gut. This breaking down makes it easier to digest, releases additional minerals that may not have been available prior to the fermentation process, and ends up aiding digestion and improving one’s health. I think malt vinegar has a better flavor than apple cider vinegar. Also, I prefer ‘hard’ apple cider to apple cider vinegar. Tired of squeezing lemon over your salad? Try substituting malt vinegar for the lemon. Looking for a different acid for marinades? Try malt vinegar. Do you enjoy pickled eggs and cucumbers? Try using malt vinegar in your pickling recipes next time.

Besides tasting great, malt vinegar may benefit sufferers of type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. LINK

If you are tired of apple cider vinegar, go ahead and begin to add other vinegars into your diet and see if they help alleviate that ‘ground hog day’ feeling that can happen when you’re eating clean and all your recipes begin to look alike.


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