I know it’s not paleo however…

Lotito home

I am using these as an alternative to bread. They taste better than ANYTHING ‘paleo’ or GF out there, IMHO- AND there are not a ton of crazy ingredients. I’m not crazy about using alternative flours, especially tapioca. On a package of so-called paleo wraps, I read-‘digestive resistant tapioca flour’. to me, that sounded like; ‘stomach cramps and diarrhea for days’. If something is digestive resistant, it could cause a great deal of issues for you. Why risk it? on the cover of these cheese wraps is a photo of a cheese bowl. I don’t know how they did it but I’m not doing THAT. I am just making wraps with meat and veggies for hubby and I for lunch/snack/dinner-whatever we want. No carbs. No odd alternative flours. Just cheese. Just because something says it is GF or paleo does not necessarily mean it is something you should eat. One and a half ounces of cheese is not going to derail your paleo plan by THAT much. Just be sure to use it sparingly. One to two wraps per day and fill them will meat and veggies. Great for lunches.

No, the folios people did not bribe, or pay, me to write about a their product. But it would have been great if they had!


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