Surviving the holidays


The holidays can ruin your plans for healthy eating faster than you can say, ‘Jack Frost!’.

I recently joined the Orthodox Christian Church. I knew they were big of fasting, but imagine my surprise when I found out there was a Nativity Fast! Say what??? AND it is described as a ‘joyous fast’. Oh, really? I personally ting those two words contradict one another but maybe that’s just me.

I have also learned through the Orthodox Church and their views of food, fasting, feasts & celebrations, how not to stress out about food and how to be social when one is eating differently than every one else around you.

during Lenten fasts, one is to be sober and reduce socialization. During nativity fast, being social is ok, and encouraged but we are to be mindful of the season. We are to be sure not to gorge ourselves, to accept food that is offered even if it is not an approved fasting food, and not to take it all too serious. It;s not the end of the world if you slip, or if you eat to be social. You do not want to be a difficult guest and embarrass your host. We would never announce, ‘I cannot eat that I’m fasting!’.

What if you are on a specific diet plan such as paleo? You can simply… and POLITELY, refuse what is offered without going into too much detail and eat what you can eat. If nothing is working for you, enjoy a glass of water, or other approved beverage and be as gracious and social as possible. I think many people have given up on entertaining because people are eating so different from one another and making too much of a fuss about it.

If you are a vegan and there are vegetables and meat on the buffet table, eat the veggies but for goodness sakes don’t get on your high horse and start lecturing everyone on the evils of eating meat.

Take small portions. You’re not the only perosn walking through the buffet line.

Eat something you can eat before you go so that you are not too hungry which can lead to temptation.

If appropriate, bring something everyone would want to eat. Fore go the cricket-on-a-stick appetizers in hopes of awakening the other guests to alternative protein sources.

You can get through the holidays if you plan ahead. Now is a great time to start.


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