Vaccine choices… rest day do some reading

The decision of whether or not to have yourself, or your child vaccinated should fall squarely, and solely, on the shoulders of you as an individual, and you as a parent of said child.


My husband and I just became a grandparents for the first time last month. She is beautiful but unfortunately, we will not be able to see her for quite some time. Why? Because her mother is insisting that her father and I have two vaccines before we visit the new baby. My husband and I do not wish to invade our already delicate immune systems with mystery serums. Therefore, we will not be visiting baby just yet.

We used to be a country of choices. Now, unfortunately, a few people who think they are, or should be, in charge of everyone else are demanding that we all receive vaccines whether or not we want them and without solid proof that they are effective.

There are multiple strains of flu out and about in the world. How do you know your shot is going to protect you against them all? You don’t. So why fill your body full of man-made chemicals on the off chance it will work? Many of you who would never think to put anything in your body as nutrition that was not grown organically, eagerly and willingly line up for your annual flu shot. Please educate yourself with facts about the flu shot and other vaccines. There are many emotional pleas out there trying to convince us of the need for vaccines but for me, the facts far out weigh the emotions. Unfortunately, because many people make decisions on their emotional responses and not on facts, there is a type of hysteria right now about vaccines and how the people who do not get them for themselves or for their children are harming everyone else who does get them. So… if you think you will get sick from un-vaccinated people, why do you get vaccines and force your children to have chemicals injected into their tiny bodies? Your vaccine should protect you from those of us who are not vaccinated. Get it?

Food for thought: resourses to begin research on childhood vaccines

Dr. Mercola has extensive information on his site about the dangers of vaccines. Here are some links.





The major theme of democracy is that people have the freedom to decide how they will live their lives. How odd it is to me that many of the same people who scream for abortion rights are also demanding that vaccines be forced upon people. NO ONE has the right to tell another person that they must put harmful chemicals into their bodies. If it’s my body my choice that must also include the right NOT to vaccinate.

She was right 20 years ago!

Corporate Shitstains

I don't remember measles.. but chicken pox, yes.

So many Australian parents are taking charge of their children's health and making informed vaccination decisions that the Australian government is now working feverishly to dissuade and re-indoctrinate them back into the vaccine fold!

Vaccine info




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