How, Dr. Oz got it wrong on the Wendy Williams show today…

I have been stuck at home for a couple of days now due to a basement rebuild. I decided to watch, The Wendy Williams Show- ‘how you doin’, Wendy?!’. One of her guests was the controversial, but always charming, Dr. Oz. He was talking about how bad for us is the Standard American Diet, or SAD…and it IS bad for us but he left out some important information about which foods are contributing to the decline of the health of Americans.

THIS is a picture of the real S.A.D. that is killing people left and right…

Are you still eating a health-destroying diet? - Complete ...

But, Dr. Oz claimed THIS is the S.A.D that is killing people…

Burger And Fries Recipes — Dishmaps

And yes, while fast food is a major contributor to obesity in America, the Standard American Diet that promotes consumption of large quantities of grains as healthy is more to blame for obesity and ill health in Americans than just about nay other factor. sure, fast food is unhealthy- for the most part. But if you look closely at the picture of the fast food, it’s pretty spot on to what is promoted in the S.A.D.. It’s just that the portions are huge, there is too much sugar and it contains grains, dairy, and white potatoes which are contributors to a plethora of health issues facing Americans today.

While he did an excellent job of showing what happens to your arteries when you eat sugar, he did not mention that the same thing happens to your arteries when you eat wheat.

Dr. Oz tearing up an artery with a shard of glass to show how sugar damages your arteries. Wheat also does this. Some people eat diatomaceous earth to kill parasites DO NOT DO THIS!! Diatomaceous earth is ground up sea shells. There are small, but very sharp particles that can also scratch up your arteries.



Here is a photo of cholesterol, our body’s natural plaster, trying to patch up the damage caused by sugar and grains.


When you have too much, ‘plaster’ or cholesterol built up in your arteries, that is when you can develop heart disease.

I was hoping he would talk about grains contributing to heart disease, but he did not. THEN he talked about grains as being part of a healthy diet. My only thought was, ‘Is he pandering to someone? Is there an organization that has threatened him with legal action if he speaks out against eating grains?’

If you are dealing with heart issues such as clogged arteries, you may wish to talk to a doctor knowledgeable about the paleo diet and see if it can help you clear out your ‘pipes’.

CrossFit Kinnick – Ontario & Upland » The Paleo vs Zone Debate
This image is missing eggs.

The paleo diet is unlike any diet you’ve been on and certainly is not on the radar of any conventional doctor unless they are bad mouthing it. Fat doe snot cause heart disease. At least… not the right fat. It is grains and sugars that cause heart disease. The paleo diet can reduce inflammation. It can also reverse diabetes, heart disease, and many other illnesses if followed diligently.

Additionally, switch from drinking coffee to drinking plain, green tea, &drink plenty of water.


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