Let’s talk about poop & parasites also, it is cardio day


It’s been said that many times, people get into fields of interest because of personal experiences in their lives that lead them to where they are now.

I have spent a lifetime dealing with my own health issues which is why I started this blog. To share with you the things that I have learned.

One of the health issues that plagued me in the past was chronic diarrhea. Since the time I went on solid foods until I went on the paleo diet, I never had a solid bowel movement. Sometimes, the effect food had on me would be so bad I could not finish a meal without needing to run to the bathroom.  Eating paleo cleared all of that up.

When you go on the paleo diet, everyone talks about the ‘paleo flu’. I have not heard anyone talk about the ‘paleo poops’ or, as my sister and I refer to them… ‘the monkey poops’. Why ‘monkey poops’? Have you ever been to the primate cage at your local zoo? Yep. The stank from these poops are worse than the primate cage. The reason for this is because of two reasons; 1. The fecal matter (poop) being expelled from your body is full of toxins. As I have said before; beans, grains, legumes are full of toxins to help them repel/kill predators. These toxins build up in your system in different ways. When you go on the paleo diet, you are going through a detox. 2. You are expelling old fecal matter. Fecal matter can become stuck on the inside walls of your bowels. If you ever see crescent shaped pieces of feces in the toilet, that is feces that was stuck to your colon and bowel walls.

Years ago when I hired a personal trainer, I was very frustrated that I was working out so hard and eating clean but not seeing the results I had expected. Yes, I was losing weight and toning up. Most of my body looked amazing. What was not happening was my stomach was not reducing. My stomach, I know now, was bulging because of; inflammation, gas, and impacted feces. Although I was eating clean, my trainer had me eating grains. Grains were causing issues with my intestines and it was preventing me from achieving my fitness goals. Fast forward 11 years and after being talked into it, I went for my first hydrocolonic therapy.

Hydrocolonic therapy is where warm water, in this case with herbs, is used to gently flush out your colon. A closed system is used which means there are two tubes attached to a nozzle that is inserted into your rectum. The warm water enters through one tube and the fecal matter exits through a separate tube.

The first time I went and had a hydrocolonic done to me, the technician told me I was constipated. I asked her how that can be when I’ve just about lived in the bathroom my entire life? Fecal impaction. Fecal impaction is when fecal matter clings to the insides of your colon. If it gets bad enough, it causes blockages to form throughout your colon and bowels which can kill you. Your bowels and colon are very flexible and stretchy but they do have their limits. Although I had chronic diarrhea, I had feces stuck to the walls of my colon. The hydrocolonic therapy helped to break it off the walls so that they could pass out of my body. When you have feces stuck to the inside of your intestines like that, it inhibits the absorption of nutrients from the foods you  eat. I was also gassy and had some twisted intestines. This happens from holding in farts… ladies. To help your body release gases easier, rub equal parts of lavender and peppermint oil on your abdomen, and bottoms of your feet. Use a carrier oil if you are sensitive to oils.

Jill's Home Remedies: Uses For The Peppermint Plant

Another issue with absorption of nutrition in your body is parasites. Just about everyone has parasites and they eat what you eat AND some eat your feces. Have you ever experienced gas and bloating after eating certain foods that are high in sugar? Most likely it is because your parasites are eating what you ate and are producing waste (poop) and gases. Do you crave sugar? Most likely that craving is caused by parasites wanting you to eat sugar so that they too can feed on the sugar. Parasites are most common in people who eat; sushi and other under cooked or raw meat, bacon no matter how well it is cooked, you can get them from chewing your finger mails, eating out at ANY restaurant (if the people handling your food do not wash their hands well before touching your food, and they have parasites they could transfer them to you), if you travel you can pick them up, pets, gardening, etc. It’s pretty hard not to have parasites. Don’t panic. Here are some tips to help eliminate them, see what I did there?  Be sure to either have good bowel movements when you do this, or any form of removing toxins from your body. You do not want to have anything lingering within your body that you are actively trying to remove. To help kill parasites, eat mangoes, pineapples, garlic, kiwi and raw pumpkin seeds. Before I go in for my colonics, I eat peach mango salsa and/or kiwis. These two things seem to work the best for me. I used to eat dried mangoes but fresh work better at killing parasites. To get rid of blood worms eat beets. Prior to my colonic, I also drink tea that helps me eliminate feces so that when I go in for my colonic it is more effective. I also detox with dandelion root tea. It promotes liver health and in my experience, helps to get rid of liver flukes which occur when liver and raw meat is eaten.

All of this is about more than just having a flat stomach and looking good. It is about making sure that your body is functioning at its best levels in every aspect, including the elimination of waste.  Eating grains was causing major issues for me in every aspect of my bodily functions. I believe the paleo diet kick started my healing process and that regular colonics have helped to keep my health from deteriorating. Although the paleo diet helped to remove a great deal of toxins from my system, fifty years of toxic build up needed a bit of help to get out.

I believe that the combination of paleo diet, hydrocolonics, supplements, exercise and essential oils has done more for my health and wellbeing than if I had continued down the path of modern medicine. I believe we need less medicine and more healing. I believe real healing begins with nutrition. We are either getting too much, or too little of a food or substance. We have the power of good health within our own grasp. We just need to decide we will reach out and grab it for ourselves.

BTW… it is cardio day. Go get a great workout in.


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