How/why to put together an ‘at-home’ gym


I almost joined the local gym again, but stopped myself just in time. While there is nothing wrong with going to a gym, it is not for everyone. Take a look at your workout goals, assess your needs, available space and what a successful environment looks like for you before you decide.


  1. A gym has just about every piece of equipment you will need to build the perfect body. Not everyone has room for a leg press machine, bench, cardio equipment, etc.
  2. Some gyms have workout classes.
  3. Some gyms have saunas.
  4. Some gyms have nutritional classes.
  5. Some gyms have personal trainers you can hire to help you develop a workout plan.


  1. A gym has just about every piece of equipment you could ever want. Unfortunately, depending on how busy your gym is, there will be someone using the piece of equipment you want to use. You sometimes have to wait for equipment to free up in order to use it. This could mean muscle cool down, extended workouts when you are trying to squeeze in a workout in an already busy day.
  2. Someone has used the piece of equipment you are walking toward. Did you clean it with that nasty ammonia spray your gym offers? Yes, you will need to clean every piece of equipment before, and after you use it. Did think you’d be paying a gym fee to clean their stuff did you?
  3. Germs. Gyms have germs. Me spit in the water fountains… it’s gross.
  4. Don’t even get me started on the locker rooms. Oh-hell-no!
  5. You have to get dressed to go to the gym, pack your gear for your workout, and for work, if you leave for work right after the gym. If you workout after work you need to remember to pack your workout clothes.
  6. You have to travel to your gym.
  7. If you can’t get to the gym you still pay for that day, week, month, etc.
  8. Have you ever been to a gym after January 1? Nuff said…
  9. Heavy metal music.
  10. Butt sweat on everything. See reason #2.

Home gym.


  1. I can workout whenever I want to.
  2. I can play my own music… or not.
  3. I can wear anything… even my pajamas.
  4. After I buy the equipment, it’s free. No more monthly dues.

Cons: Nothing that can’t be overcome.

  1. You need to make room for it but who really needs all that other furniture anyway?
  2. It may take some time, but you can build it piece by piece. Look for equipment at your local thrift store. I just found a weight bench for $15.00. Score! My stationary bike was $20.00. I bought weights at my local super store.
  3. I can wear whatever I want to wear and I do not need to concern myself about being ‘creeped on’ by the gym guys who go there to checkout women in yoga pants. Get a life guys!

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Now the how.

First, please buy real equipment. Working out with pseudo equipment can be dangerous. You would be surprised at where you could potentially cut back on non-essentials in order to find the money to buy the basics. I have ‘dream equipment’ that I am saving up money in order to buy to make my dream a reality. I workout in the mean time but I’m really going to enjoy it when I can get it. I did not buy everything all at once and you do not need to either.

You will need a cardio machine, or a cardio workout dvd, or the Internet (to watch workout videos) if you cannot or do not want to go outside to do cardio. Walking is the number one cheapest, easiest and least injury prone way to get started on a fitness journey.

You will need some sort of resistance equipment to build muscle. Step away from the resistance bands. They can tear apart and break in the middle of a workout.  Buy a nice set of dumb bells. A set of 5lb and 10lb should cover everything for a beginner. Go heavier if you need to.  After having my dumb bells for a while, I decided to buy a bar bell. Get a bar bell as soon as you can. It’s a game changer. Buy glovers to reduce callouses, if you want.

Extras or essentials? I bought a kettle bell. I have no regrets. Weights AND cardio all at once.

How to use your home gym once you have bought your basics? There are some great videos on the net and there are some hacks out there that should not be making ANY videos at all for any reason let alone workout tutorials. As a beginner it can be hard to know who to trust. I only post videos from people whose workouts I have tried. I am not compensated for this. I have set up this blog to help others get to their fitness goals while I achieve mine.

I do miss somethings about the gym but not much. Gyms are like night clubs. Some people love the noise and bright lights, some do not.

I love my home gym. I am getting results using my home gym. You can too. You do not need a gym to get into shape. You just need to get moving, and eat clean.


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