About ‘Thieves’ Oil’

15 Ml E Liquid Bottle Round Red Glass Child Safety Cover ...

Thieves Oil has a reputation. The popular story tells us that; during the Black Plague (also known as bubonic plague)  that killed an estimated 200 million people, a mixture of spices and herbs enabled doctors to treat patients without contracting the disease. How did they discover this? A group of thieves (four) were using a blend of spices and herbs to protect themselves from the disease as they went around robbing corpses. The thieves were eventually caught, and their secret revealed in exchange for their freedom. What are the herbs and spices that saved them, the physicians and the lives of million of people? Cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus. All of these herbs and spices contain significant levels of vitamin C or, ascorbic acid. The premise behind vitamin C as a super cure/super preventative is; high levels of it boost your immune system and make you virtually impervious to many diseases.

In the book; VITAMIN C:The Real Story, the list of diseases that are positively affected by vit C are staggering. It appears that if people ingested enough vit C, we could almost do away with vaccines. Polio? Dr. Claus Washington Jungeblut published a paper in 1935 stating that vitamin C might be able to prevent and cure polio. It was effectively used to cure polio in over 60 patients. Vitamin C has been shown to be an effective treatment against; herpes, diabetes, cancer, polio, MS, scurvy, stretch marks, the common cold, heart disease, cholesterol, SIDS, rabies, and many other viral infections, illnesses and diseases.

It is sad to think about all the people who have suffered and died because of a lack of something so simple, and yet so vital to health.

I am offering my own blend of this spice and herb oil. ‘St. Matrona Super-C Oil’. $32.50 for 15ml, this includes shipping. Many other brands begin their pricing in the $40.00 range. If you would like a bottle of ‘Super-C Oil’, use the Contact Me link to request that a Paypal invoice be sent to you. Include your shipping information and I will custom blend for you a bottle of ‘Super-C Oil’.  I also offer a starter packet of health enhancing vitamin c products; ‘St. Matrona Super-C Oil, ten cinnamon spice tea bags and 100 count bottle of Vitamin c supplement, for $72.50.

‘Super-C Oil’ is recommended for external use only. It can be diluted in a carrier oil for topical application or used at full strength in a diffuser. Great to use added to white vinegar for wiping down class room chairs, office furniture, as well as in your home or place of worship.

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