Know-it-alls, Disney Princesses, and body image


On, Twitter the other day, James Woods and someone I will only refer to as Lil Miss Know-It-All or LMKIA, were having a discussion about wanting a fat Disney Princess. I had several thoughts about this: 1. Why are you looking to ANY Hollywood or entertainment industry for body image reenforcement? 2. There was a ‘fat princess’ movie. It was horrible, it was called, Shrek. Why was it horrible, because while it was cleverly written, the fat princess was depicted as a monster. Not a good way to great positive body awareness/acceptance. 3. Why do we ‘need’ a fat princess? Could we not start out with a ‘realistic princess’? How about one with a 30″ waist instead of a 12″ waist? 4. Why do some people demand the acceptance of obesity? Acceptance of people is what is important so really, just about any theme of an outcast ‘making it’ should suffice. 5. Do people want fat super heroes for their boys? A fat, Thor, or Captain America? How about Batman in a fat suit?

Fat Batman is the best Batman ever! - tomopop
Artist  unknown.

Is this REALLY the super hero you want to see? In reality, he could not move well enough to do what the real Batman can do.

Image from Pinterest, artist unknown.

Would that send the right message to your children?

Although I have just ranted about this for a few paragraphs, the real point of my post is not about fat super heroes, but about what makes us fat and ill. The LMKIT who brought up this topic is just convinced obesity is the cause of diabetes and other illnesses. She said that if there were a ‘fat princess’ depicted, she should be shown holding food.

PSASBR - Fat Princess by RandomRanz on DeviantArt

This person has been very well conditioned into buying in to the lies about health and wellness by MSM. One of which focuses on a lack of self control being a source of obesity and not what might really be causing a person to over eat (possibly an already present disease and a destroyed gut).

I have something rather shocking to tell you… You are not sick because you are fat, you are fat BECAUSE you are sick. Just stop and think about it for a minute… I’ll wait.

I will use myself as an example. Years of antibiotics killed the flora in my gut. With the ‘good stuff’ that is needed to digest food properly gone, the ‘bad stuff’ took over. The ‘bad stuff’ likes to eat different food than the ‘good stuff’. The ‘bad stuff’ craves sugar. It also makes it hard to digest food, especially insoluble fiber. I was always hungry, even after a big meal.

Being overweight is not what causes disease. It does, however, make it hard to exercise. You lack energy to workout because you have been lugging around all that excess weight all day. You don’t want to do 30, 20 or even 5 minutes on a cardio machine. You want/need a nap. You don’t really need a ‘leg day’ because your legs are muscular from carrying around all that excess weight. Joint issues prevail, as does shortness of breath. There are no fat super heroes because you cannot maneuver, not because people are trying to be mean by excluding you from the line up.  As for fat princesses?  It depends on your definition of, ‘fat’. When I went looking for ‘fat princesses’ I found some consistent themes that were disturbing. 1. The overweight princesses were usually depicted with food hanging out of their mouths. 2. some of the images of what was supposed to be a ‘fat’ princess was really a girl at a healthy weight. It would appear that people do not really know what a healthy, or fat, person really looks like. some had these photos as being their idea of ‘fat’.

These two images are supposed to be of ‘fat Cinderella’. The top image even has a lolly pop in front of her face just in case you don’t ‘get it’.

cinderella turns fat (lol) - YouTube
Artist unknown.
Fat Cinderella | - The Hippest Pics
If the person who made the image on the right thinks she is ‘fat’ they have a disturbing distortion of body image. (artist unknown)

I would not wish to see a ‘fat’ Princess for two reasons. 1. If the above images are someone’s idea of ‘fat’ it could cause eating disorders to develop in persons who would perhaps never would have considered themselves to be fat until they saw a regular sized girl being labeled as fat. 2. I would not like to see an obese princess as I feel it goes too far in the other direction in promoting unhealthy body images.

We need to stop being so obsessed about giving voice to the voiceless. Not every voice needs to be heard. Especially if the story it wants to tell is dangerous to the health and well being, either mentally or physically, of our children. Why can we not just have girls of all shapes and sizes in movies and on t.v.? Why can’t we depict kids being active and eating right without pushing an agenda such as veganism?

When has Hollywood sent out clear, healthy messages? For decades we have been told what a leading man, and leading lady look like. We were told who to laugh at, who to hold back, etc., etc., and it is still going on. No… I do not recommend looking to Hollywood for anything healthy. Do not look to Hollywood for examples of masculinity, femininity, healthy body types, good manners, social justice, truth, or anything else that truly matters. Hollywood is a place of fantasy, not reality. Hollywood pushes its own agenda which is rarely healthy. If you want to raise healthy, happy kids, keep them away from unhealthy images and messages. Be in control of what they see and hear. Do not use Disney movies, or television of any kind, as baby sitters.

Don’t be one of those people who, if they don’t know, the can’t be told’.

Read more and watch MSM less. Main stream media have an agenda also and it can be detrimental to your health. If you are convinced fat people just need to eat less, exercise more and get a grip on themselves, read something that contradicts your view point.

It just might help you to develop a merciful heart.


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