Breaking it down, 10 tips to help you make changes, and get your fitness goals back on track… or started

Things have been a bit crazy lately. High stress levels have lead to high food consumption levels. Something needs to change, to break lose out of this funk.

I was thinking the other day about how to get into a more regular workout schedule. How to be more organized and consistent in workouts. Then I remembered the workout book I had tucked away and grabbed it out of storage. Inside is a very simple workout plan. Every other day is either cardio or weight training. Example: Monday (upper body); chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps. Tuesday: cardio. Wednesday (lower body); quads, hams, calves, with abs thrown in for balance. Thursday; cardio… and the cycle repeats.

The weight training is not the issue for me. It’s the cardio that is proving to be a bit of a challenge. The Marcy stationary bike I bought is not working for me. Every time I get on it, it feels as if my coccyx is being shoved into my brain.

Marcy Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike at Hayneedle
Maybe it would work better for me if I removed the seat and sat in a chair instead? I have very long legs. It might work.

I don’t like to do cardio outside. I like inside better than outside. No bears or other animals to worry about; no heat, blazing sun, or bugs. Inside I can pop in a dvd to watch while I ride my bike, but no more. I guess I’ll have to bust out that Tae Bo dvd.

Confession: I love, and am inspired by, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. I think because most female fitness photos are borderline pornographic. Although, yes, he is a sexy man, it’s more inspirational to see him busting his butt on a machine or lifting weights than photos of women flashing their body parts.

It’s You vs. You. - Dwayne Johnson

Whenever I hear him talk about fitness, he seems to be sincerely interested i helping those willing to do the work to achieve their goals. He ‘gets it’. Working out is hard. People need motivation. He gives it. Thanks, Rock!

I tend to over think things. Paralysis of analysis. It can kill you, People. It can stall your progress. It can prevent you from even getting started.

Tomorrow is Monday. Why not take the time today to write out a fitness plan for yourself?

  1. Do some sort of workout EVERYDAY.  You can follow the example I mentioned above, or make up your own. Be realistic. If you have never before worked out, you cannot slam a big workout like, The Rock. You can build up to it, but don’t try to crush it like he does right at the start.
  2. Change your diet. Sample breakfast; 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, half an avocado, maybe some mushrooms. Lunch, 6-8 ounces of chicken or beef depending on how much you weigh, some sort of veggie like broccoli, asparagus, a salad with vinegar and oil and lots of fresh veggies, more avocado. Dinner, very similar to lunch. No regular potatoes of any kind. No grains, beans or legumes (including green beans, soy beans or peanut butter), no sugar or dairy except for butter. When you eat starches such as sweet potatoes, onions, beets, etc. eat them earlier in the day.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Take your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2 and that is how many ounces you need to drink daily. Do not drink from plastic containers. Squeeze some lemon into your water.
  4. Write down everything you eat and how much you workout. If you do, and you run into an issue (like not losing weight) you can look back at your records and see where adjustments need to be made. Usually three things happen; 1. You do not drink enough water but you do drink too many calories. Lose the sweetened drinks. 2. You think about working out more than you workout. 3. You eat more than you realize. Even over eating ‘healthy’ food can still cause weight gain. Why the quotation marks around the word healthy? People have been mislead into thinking that ‘low-fat’, ‘sugar-free’ and other such processed foods are good for them but they are not.
  5. Shop only around the edges of the supermarket. Go down aisles only for such things as tea, vinegar, and spices.
  6. Only buy what you can eat before it goes bad. Unprocessed food has a short shelf life. It can bee discouraging to spend money on food only to discover it has grown green fur (mold) before you have had a change to eat it.
  7. Take supplements. I take vitamin C, collagen peptides, and if I have pain, I take a turmeric and black pepper supplement instead of over the counter pain relievers.
  8. Use essential oils. There are blends out there for pain relief for when your muscles become sore from workouts. Peppermint helps reduce food cravings. Lavender can calm you, and perhaps help fight against food cravings.
  9. Stay away from negative people and do not announce what you are doing to the people around you. As sad as this is to say, not everyone is going to be supportive of your efforts. Making changes to your fitness level and ultimately to your physiques can reveal what is truly in the hearts of the people around you. If you have tried to get fit before, some people will might say, ‘Not THIS again?! It didn’t go so well last time!’, or they might say, ‘Don’t get too thin!’, or ‘Don’t workout with weights or you will look like a man!’. Do not listen to them. They have their own issues. Pity them, remove them form your life if you can (gently) and move on. You will find support at the gym or in your neighborhood if you head out to the places where you see other people working out.
  10. Resist temptation. Being healthy, living a healthy lifestyle is tricky. The right people can make all the difference to your success… or failure. When other people want to go out for bear and pizza… don’t do it. They can see you are trying to make changes to your body. They will try to make the argument, ‘Just once will not kill you!’. Would they say that to a drug addict or an alcoholic? Some might. If going out with your old group of friends could cause a relapse in your hard work and fitness plans. Do not do it. Those who understand will support you and those who do not do not need to be in your life. People who are offended by other people’s changes or successes are dangerous to be around. Instead of making their own improvements, they try and prevent others from improving. They are ‘status quo’ people. Their comfort zone, and their minds, are very narrow. There is no room for growth. Even if it is not they who are trying to grow, it still threatens them and they cannot be around it on any level. It is ok to say goodbye and to remove them from your lie. You do not need to keep them around so that you can listen to their constant diatribe as to why what you are doing is wrong. It’s not wrong. It is just different than what your group is into and that is ‘ok’.  IT IS OK TO WANT TO CHANGE YOUR BODY AND TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH.

Change can happen. You just need to be patient. Focus on the little things you can do daily that will help you reach your goals in the long term. You CAN do this!

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