Wait… what?! Medicine vs. actual healing

Yesterday, I meet the first doctor I have ever liked. No… really. My husband was going for a follow up visit for his blood labs. This is the doctor who has all of that great nutritional information taped to the walls of his examining room. I love this guy!

As we were leaving I asked him if this clinic did vitamin C infusions. His reply was, ‘no, I wish’.  I even asked him if they would do it if I bought all of the items and brought them in, but the answer is still no. He said it was a liability issue. I did not have time to ask him about that aspect of it as I had to take Husband to work. That is where we are right now in our society; the things that could work are considered a liability but the things proven to kill are acceptable.

The reason why I asked about the vitamin C infusions is because of how well they work in killing cancer cells. A friend of my sister’s is dying from her cancer… or from the cancer treatment we are not sure which. This lady asked her doctor about the vitamin C infusions and he said (I kid you not) , ‘no, it could interfere with the chemo treatments rendering them ineffective.’.  The kicker in this story is… THEY ARE ALREADY INEFFECTIVE!! Her chemo recipe has already been changed a few times because it is not working. Let me repeat that. Her chemo treatments are not working. She is dying from her cancer. What harm would a vitamin c infusion do at this point? Oh, wait… I forgot about the damage it could do to the doctor’s ego if it worked. Yes, I do believe there is more ego and greed at play in modern ‘medicine’ than people are willing to acknowledge. If mercenariness was not a real thing companies that sold deadly chemicals to spray on our foods would not exist. Children would not be force fed crank as a way to get them to normalize and integrate into class rooms, no one would be taking statins, we would not have a painkiller addiction crisis in America, and dangerous foods such as artificial sweeteners & colas would not exist.

Today, this lady will be at my sister’s baptism. I will see her, know that she is dying, know that her doctor is killing her and not be able to do or saying anything about it.

This is the part about learning how to heal naturally that people do not warn you about but is important to know. I kind of already knew because of the backlash in my own life among friends and family when I stopped going to traditional doctors and started taking care of my own health. Many people… most people, have been slowly conditioned to believe that only certain people are smart enough to do what they do. What they do not realize is that most everyone could learn how to do what other people do if they would just take the time to read and learn. We each have a stronger interest in certain topics, activities, etc. But for the most part, you could learn how to draw, I could learn how to code. You can learn about plants and their healing properties. You can read medical journals about studies done regarding pharmaceuticals and herbs. You could even do something easier and watch a video by, Dr. Mercola on why statins are a bad idea.

More and more as technology takes over our lives, people are giving up thinking. I can easily pick out who only reads or watches mainstream media vs. someone who pays attention to ‘alternative’ news. See? There are even cute labels out there designed to demean whatever is outside of what is considered to be mainstream. ‘Alternative’ news and medicine are the names given to treatments that focus on the cause and not just deal with the symptoms of an illness.When you try and take down these sacred cows, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist.

When you express concern for the health of a woman who is grossly obese, you are called a bully and what you are doing is, ‘fat shaming’. If you promote a high protein low-carb diet that has been proven to heal people but goes against 50 years of dietary programming, you are the quack. How does that saying go again regarding the definition of insanity? Oh, yes, it’s about doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. I have even come across this mentality in the healing courses I have taken. There are still sacred cows out there regarding nutrition and medication. Even in the ‘alt-healing’ community.

What is more important? Is it acceptable to allow professional pride and money to cancel out actual healing? NO! But this is what happens. People, 80 so far to be exact, have died trying to get the message out about some of the dangers of certain sacred cows such as vaccinations, cancer treatments, etc. Clinics have been burned to the ground, papers confiscated and/or destroyed. Partial list HERE.

As a patient, it is your responsibility to read up on your illness/disease and to find the best treatment you can. Do not rely solely on what your doctor tells you to do no matter how charismatic they are in the examination room. This is your body, your life. Your doctor has a team of lawyers covering is backside if what he tells you kills you and your family decides to sue. He/she usually does not have the time, or motivation to do extra reading about nutrition and the latest break through or even an ancient truth in natural healing. Doctor’s know what they are taught in school and rarely do they ‘color outside the lines’. Meaning, it’s all about regurgitation and learning what you are told to study. After all… why would an oncologist learn about let alone use, vitamin C infusions when the average cancer patient rakes in 300k- one million dollars per case? The faster you are healed, the faster the gravy train stops coming. This is why my husband’s doctor was such an anomaly. He actually recommended a book for us to read about how to get rid of doctors and take more responsibility for your own health and healing. Shocker!!

If your doctor works for you then great. I am happy for you. If however you are not happy about whatever treatment you are going through read up about it. That little voice in your head or that gut feeling you have is there for a reason. It is ok for you to listen to yourself even if what you read and want to try flies in the face of conventional medicine. There are people out there trying to take away your freedom to say, ‘no’ to treatment from the medical community and to follow their own voice and choice. I am not saying ALL doctors are bad. The message I hope to convey is for you to take charge of your health and not to blindly follow the opinions of one person when it comes to your health.



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