How to be a rebel in America?

Grow your own food.

No… really. Many states are over reaching their boundaries and regulating how much can be grown or in some states, none at all. Here in Colorado, if you have ten or more flowering plants growing inside your home, you need to ‘invite’ the local fire department over to invade your personal space and make sure you were smart enough to hook up grow lights without burning down your home. This is of course a ruse. The legalization of marijuana has been a nightmare for many residents in our state. This is just one of many such consequences that have come about from the legalization of pot.

In other states, private herb/vegetable gardens grown on private land have been destroyed by state representatives. GARDENS PEOPLE!! Why would growing your own food and/or medicine be a threat to local or national government?

Well, I hate to chime in with the conspiracy theorists but here goes.

  1. There is no denying that our food supply has been contaminated. Even organic food has traces of chemicals we are trying to avoid. If more and more people grow their own food, that means fewer people are being exposed to those chemicals. Does it matter? Take a closer look at fluoride and then ask me if chemicals in what we eat or drink matter.
  2. Money. If people grow their own food/medicine, they stop relying on state or nationally run programs. The fewer people on those programs, the less money that can be collected. It’s all about the numbers. You would think that as a multi-billion dollar industry, pharmaceutical companies would not be so paranoid about losing business. Think again. Statins, one of the most prescribed, and unnecessary drugs,  do such a god job of lining people’s pockets with money that a huge roll out of them was done in India. Statins are on of the most useless drugs when it comes to healing but incredibly detrimental to your body over the long term, and have even been linked to Alzheimer and dementia.
  3. Control under the guise of protection. Supposedly growing your own food is hard and you might contaminate yourself in the process. Really? Most of America was an agrarian society up until about 100 years ago. People have grown their own food for millennia but suddenly we are too stupid?
  4. Loyalty cards and controlling what/how much people eat. Those loyalty cards we use at the grocery store that give us fuel points and savings are really in place to monitor what, and how much of everything we eat. One day we will be told we have purchased too much red meat and butter for the month and we will be denied certain foods based on whatever is being touted as the new, ‘healthy’ way to eat.

I am not really much of a gardener today. I don’t like getting hot and dirty and bugs are just not my thing. After taking my herbalist course, however, my mind is changing about growing herbs at least. That is something that can be done in doors, even in winter. Do you grow your own food or herbs? Do you raise chickens or goats? You’re a rebel and I’ll bet you didn’t even know it.


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