What IS the BEST diet?

The one you can eat.

I finished up my herbalist courses today and took my final exam. I scored a 99% on the final, thank-you-very-much! The only thing that bothered me about the whole thing was their promotion of ‘one diet to rule them all’. Of course, with it being centered on Christian living, the diet promoted was… The Mediterranean/Biblical Diet. Was a proponent of the paleo diet, it galled me to have to mark this other diet as the optimal diet on the answer sheet. Here is an image of the Mediterranean Diet pyramid.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Now, I like the, ‘enjoy meals with others and be physically active’ part of this diet, but it is the exact opposite of the paleo diet which is the ONLY diet that has been able to heal me. I’m not just talking about weight loss. I am talking about real healing.

I marked the answer as it needed to be marked for passing the test. However, I will be promoting the paleo diet for my clients. Ultimately it is each person’s personal choice. Listening to what our bodies like and respond to (as long as it’s not junk food and soda) is more important than dietary dogma.


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