Something is wrong with my family tree


I was at my aunt’s 70th birthday on Sunday. My sister, bil, husband and I all rode up in my sister’s suv. The back of which was packed with tables, chairs, food, and drink. In between our city and Wyoming, there used to be long stretches of farm and ranch land. We knew where every available bathroom was located so as not to be stranded in the middle of a field in need to a toilet. Now, those beautiful acres of land growing food for our nation have been replaced with RV lots and campgrounds. What cost ‘progress’? But I digress.

We arrived at an uncle’s house and started setting up for the party. Everyone but the two kids at the party had some sort of devastating illness. Most of which centered around their digestion.

Decades of ‘country’ eating has taken its toll on my family. If you are one of those people who thinks it’s the red meat that has done damage to them… think again. When I say ‘country’ eating, I mean processed food and lots of soda. It is expensive to live in, Wyoming. Although they grow food and raise beef, most people sell what they grow and buy their food at stores just as we do even if they have a farm. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the west is a farmer or rancher.

looking around at people, many were on oxygen or at least slept with some sort of oxygen device. Neurological issues, muscular issues, as I said before; digestive issues, mental health issues (mostly concerning an uncle-in-law who worked with lead at the local newspaper) balance issues, and on and on. this is the legacy of processed food. Food that science got its dirty, greedy mitts onto and corrupted. Food that is deliberately engineered to make you want more… food that creates addicts.

While I am happy that the issue of opioid addiction is finally being addressed in America, food remains an untouched sacred cow. Despite numerous movies that have attempted to draw attention to this issue, food tampering by food manufacturers still continues.

When we returned from the saddest, hottest (as in temp. not fun) party I have ever attended, I decided to increase my health efforts… I went and bought a used stationary bike from the local thrift store. I have a bum knee which prevents me from doing much walking or using the elliptical machine, but I can at least sit on a stationary bike and get in some cardio to go with my eight training. On a side note, I have been very consistent with my weight train and I am already seeing some results.

Change is taking place and I am very excited about it all. I have a big weight loss goal… 100lbs. Inch by inch, pound by pound.

The best thing that will come from the weight loss is the health benefits. You just can’t go wrong with eating clean and working out.




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