A little Friday gym/fitness humor

I use Pinterest quit a bit for inspiration. Not so much for usable facts, but the photos and quotes are nice. Especially if they are funny.

Fitness humor ;)


Lol, I don't even care! I told him to make me hate him! :)

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#Fitness #Quotes

Ugh this will so be me in the morning after missing a week and a half!

#Fitness #Quotes

Here's how you should pick your trainer: --> http://exerscribe.com/blog/?p=400  The true life of a personal trainer. funny, humor, jokes.  If you like it, repin it :-)    #FastSimpleFitness  Like Us on: www.facebook.com/FastSimpleFitness

Exercise: Some motivation required quotes

well when it's laid out this way.. how can I not do it...

See this Instagram photo by @irondiscipline • 84 likes



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