Paleo, cancer, and forgiveness

Some one near and dear to my heart just finished up her last bit of cancer treatment last month. It was an incredible blow to all who know her when the news broke that she had stage three breast cancer. She showed none of the genetic markers for being predisposed for cancer.

Most doctors and other, ‘experts’ still claim to be stumped as to the cause of cancer. It claims more and more victims every year. It’s like an unstoppable freight train. While I too do not have all the answers, there are some glaringly obvious (at least to me) possible contributors to help make your body more hospitable to cancer cells. Let’s take a look at a few. Perhaps one or more are present in your life and reading this will prompt you to make some changes to your lifestyle in hopes improvements will be made to your health.

  1. Sugar. Cancer cells love sugar. Sugar is energy. all living things need energy to grow and live. Cancer cells do too. Carbs contain sugar. Stop eating carbs such as breads, grains (rice, corn, etc.), beans and legumes. Sorry kids, peanut butter comes from a legume. Switch to almond butter.
  2. Make sure your immune system is functioning at its best. If you are fighting seasonal allergies, get them under control. If you eat foods your body cannot handle, stop. One of the reasons why people’s bodies cannot fight off cancer cells is if their body is busy fighting other invaders. When people have reactions to eating wheat or other foods their bodies cannot handle, this weakens your immune system and can allow a cancer cell to go unattended to by your immune system. We ALL have cancer cells in our bodies ALL the time. If our immune systems is strong, it kills them, if it is weak the cancer cells take over. STAY HEALTHY. Take an adaptogen. Two I like are reishi mushroom and holy basil. here’s a true story for you. My sister’s dog was diagnosed with a tumor in her jaw and given 120 days to live by the vet. The dog was put on reishi mushroom supplements and is still alive. She received her fatal diagnosis in 2014! My friend who was diagnosed with cancer had stopped taking her adaptogen and 6 months later was diagnosed with cancer. I do not believe this is the only connection to her cancer diagnosis but I do believe it helped to play a roll.
  3. Stress. Stress kills in many ways. My friend with cancer not only stopped taking her adaptogen, her had stress building in her life. She was also stress eating carbs like it was her job. I believe the combination of it all contributed to her body not being able to effectively fight off the cancer cells. What is more important to you; whatever is stressing you out… or good health. You cannot have both.
  4. Unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is like an infection. It gets into you and if you do not let go of the original offense, and forgive the person you believe wronged you, unforgiveness can eat away at you. It can destroy you. Many different religions have warnings about harboring unforgiveness. You do not need to go to the person who has offended you and make a big show of forgiving them. You can let it go in your heart. None of this, ‘I’ll forgive but I will not forget nonsense.’. If you are forgiving but holding grudges, you have not really forgiven anything. Forgive the person who has offended you and then, be nice to them. Find ways to bless them. Go to people who know YOU have offended and do your best to make things right between you. Our purpose on this earth is not to be contentious with one another but to live in peace with our surroundings which include those people with whom we disagree. If social media is causing you to be negative and aggressive toward other people… quit social media.
  5. Cultivate a spirit of peace. Peace, forgiveness, and stress free living are the trifecta of good health and wellbeing. Healthy living is not just all about what we put into our mouth or how often we visit the gym. You do not need to produce an answer to every question. You do not need to be an expert in everything. You do not need to ‘take the bait’ and enter into every argument/debate. When you stop having an opinion about everything, and worse- trying to conform those around you to your opinions, you will begin to enter in to a more peaceful state of being. Stop correcting people. It is not your job to police the world. Reduce your involvement in what is going on around you. The conversations other people are having around you are not your conversations. I have had people interject their opinions in my private conversations they have over heard. If you were not part of the original conversation, you are butting in to something that has nothing to do with you. If the other people involved wanted your opinion, they would have invited you into the conversation. Get it? This also extends into world events, politics, etc. We are now more connected than ever but what good is it doing to be so connected? Do we need to be so well informed?

There are many factors to why a person is diagnosed with cancer. The best any of us can do is to live a life as clean from ‘contaminants’ as possible. Living in a plastic bubble is not the answer but we can do our best to create as friendly of an environment as possible. Yes, eat clean, get some exercise, but also remember that your inner/spiritual wellbeing is just as important for optimal healthy as is your physical person. You do not need to engage with every activity in which your co-workers participate. Choose not to gossip around the water cooler. Skip bowling night which is likely to involved smoke, alcohol, and poor food choices. Start a walking club in your neighborhood or at work. Do a different kind of water challenge. See if you can start a water drinking campaign at work, your school, or even your home. Extend the handshake of peace toward that difficult person.


There is a slogan out there that does not come with instructions. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’. Well, I have just given you a few tips on how to set the example and hopefully, change your life as well as those around you without beating the mover the head with a steak bone. Paleo… steak bone… get it?


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