When the world finally catches up with you…


I went with my husband yesterday to his doctor appointment. Nothing serious, just a routine visit for blood work, etc. The nurse took us back to the examination room to wait for the doctor as he finished up with another patient. On the back of the door, and all across one wall in particular, were images of food, and cigarettes. There was a collage on the door about how insulin works, what diabetes is, and how much sugar is in popular foods with a small blurb about cigarettes.

I have been beating the paleo drum for 10 years now. To see it on the wall in a doctor’s office was heart warming. Let us take a closer look at the message the doctor was trying to send to his patients. One message was the damage to your health. The other, the damage to your wallet.

I found the year long cost of cigarettes astonishing. A 1½ a pack per day habit costs a person almost 3k per year. A 2 pack per day habit will be almost 4k. There was not much more shown about cigarette use. Most of the images were about diabetes and sugar levels in foods.

In regards to paleo, it is arguably the best diet for most diabetics because it is extremely low-carb. Is it hard, hell yes! But to quote, Tom Hank’s character in, A league of Their Own;

League of Their Own Quotes. QuotesGram

On the wall were images such as bacon and eggs.

ZERO teaspoons of sugar.

OATMEAL Side note; my mother is hardcore about oatmeal. Truly sold out to established, unhealthy, food guidelines and it shows in her health. She kept getting on me about giving my type 2 diabetic husband oatmeal. Fiber, blah, blah, healthy, blah blah. However, oatmeal without anything added to it contains 10 tsp of SUGAR…TEN!! Don’t eat it!!

oatmeal-face-mask.jpg - Brand X Pictures for Getty Images
TEN teaspoons of sugar per 1 cup of oatmeal.

People, they feed grains to animals in feed-lots to make them gain weight. This happens 3 months prior to sale/slaughter. If you think a grain heavy vegan diet will help your diabetes, think again, folks. The need for additional fiber in your diet is a myth. Once you make it through the first month or so of paleo, past the paleo flu and any other cleansing of your body & bowels that takes place (some of you know what I am talking about) you should discover that your digestion, and your elimination of food, has greatly improved.

Let’s go over again, what is and is not part of the paleo diet.

IS; meat, fat, veggies, nuts and fruit in small amounts.

IS NOT; grains, beans, legumes, dairy, potatoes, sugar.

Do not drink your calories! Stay away from sugar laden; ‘sports’ drinks, coffee, tea, juices, etc. Learn to appreciate the clean, pure taste of water. If you do drink coffee and tea, switch to black for both. Optimally, you would want to decrease your caffeinated beverage consumption as much as possible and eliminate it if at all possible.

What Caffeine really does to your body!

Optimal water consumption per person is calculated thusly; your body weight in pounds, divided by 2, then converted to ounces. If you weight 100 pounds your daily water intake will be 50 ounces.

Adding the proper amount of water to your diet could cause an initial, dramatic weight loss. You could also look younger and have more energy. Water is THAT important to a healthy, well functioning diet. Just make sure you ONLY drink what you know you are suppose to daily. Exceeding safe levels of water consumption can cause health issues and even death.

for more information about hidden sugar in foods that are typically considered to be healthy, I HIGHLY recommend that you get your hands on a copy of the movie; That Sugar Movie. Yes, that is its name. It is an eye opener. Maybe you could watch it for family movie. One night per month the family gets together and watches a movie about healthy eating. It would be so much better for everyone than say, ‘Finding, Dory’.

Here is a list of possible food movies you might want to view.

That Sugar Movie

Super Size Me

King Corn (Has a scene where a guy reaches into a cow’s stomach. May freak some people out but worth viewing if you can make it through this one scene.)

Fast Food Nation

Fed Up

If you have seen a movie that is not listed but you believe it is worth viewing, let me know in comments.

Well, congratulations to those few doctors who are bucking the system’s established, unhealthy, food guidelines which advocate a high carb diet. You are appreciated more than you probably know.



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