Exposing false information regarding the paleo diet

While Pinterest and other social media sites can be good sources of condensed, easy to digest information about healthy eating, the paleo diet seems to be the one that most people just can’t seem to get right. When I see such bad information I have to wonder, ‘Have they done ANY research?’.  For today’s post, we are looking at an ‘infograph’ by Pretty & Fresh on paleo diet for diabetics. Whoever made this decided to single out specific foods for diabetics so lets take a look at ‘approved’ food vs. ‘food to avoid’.

Diabetic diet foods Paleo Takeover Infographic : Eat It, Stay Away Comments: “I do not strictly adhere to a paleo diet, but these are nice guidelines.” “Butternut squash and sweet potato are allowed” “Dairy is more of a gray area, and at any rate, grains should always be first on the NO pile”

First, I don’t like that they have a category labeled FATTY MEATS as something to avoid. 1. Because good fats and meats are the backbone of a true and accurate paleo diet. 2. While the meats labeled are fatty, a more accurate label might have been ‘dirty’ meats only because of manufacturing processes for such meat. If you’re going to eat charcuterie, either know your source well, or make your own and then send me some tasty samples. Organ meat is extremely healthy and should be a part of your paleo diet. Only eating lean, long fiber muscle tissue is not good enough. We need the connective tissues, the skin, and the organs as well. look at how lions eat a zebra. They are ears deep in the stomach first eating the internal organs.

Second, they have fruits listed as ok that have a higher GI- glycemic index, than some of the vegetables they labeled to avoid. Example: bananas are ‘ok’ at 51 GI, pineapple at 66 GI but they say to avoid yams which have only a 37 GI, source: LINK.

Third, they are using substitutes for milk, flour, and sugar. When you are beginning a diet that eliminates certain foods, please do not go looking for substitutes. Replacement milks made from nuts often have undesirable chemicals and ingredients that cancel out the healing benefits of eating absolute, straight paleo.

Fourth and last… EAT THE BUTTER! Ok I know butter in its pure form is not paleo. Buy it and turn it into ghee, or buy already made ghee. You need animal fat while on the paleo diet. It’s not fat that makes a diabetic, it’s grains and sugars… even the sugar in fruit can be harmful if too much is eaten. Interestingly, butter appears on both lists in this infograph. Grass-fed butter is ok so I’m guessing when they say to avoid butter that they perhaps mean non-grass-fed butter? Who knows. It seems like they don’t know either.


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