Summer is coming!

DISCLAIMER: While I am NOT a proponent of Sharia Law in America, I AM a supporter of women being allowed to dress as modest as they like. No one, especially no man, should tell any woman how much, or how little fabric they are allowed to wear (Within reason. Let’s not whore it up in the name of progress, ladies.). This reduces a woman to the status of property/slavery.

Summer is coming. While the people in the make believe world of The Game of Thrones concern themselves with winter, I’m thinking about summer and the dangers of UV exposure.

I already have considerable sun damage of both of my arms simply from driving around town and my years of commuting to and from work. We have 360 or so days of sunshine in Colorado and it can take a toll on one’s complexion. last year, while driving my husband to and from work while he was recovering from ankle surgery, I purchased my first pair of UV protective sleeves from a local Korean market. I fell in love instantly. Think finger-less opera gloves, and you’ll have an image of what they are. I still have considerable sun damage on my arms and a bit on my upper chest. I am looking into professional skin whitening treatments as an option to even out my skin tone and remove some of the other damage. I am thankful my face has not suffered as my arms have. I don’t know if I would be as severe as the ladies in Asian countries who wear face masks to keep the sun off their skin, China Beachgoers Wear ‘Ski Masks’ As Sun Protection, For A Fair ...


but I do think that for those who are into certain sports and recreational activities with large amounts of sunbeams bouncing around off of reflective surfaces, covering up more may be preferable to using dangerous sunscreens.Facial Sunblock Garments : sun mask

For many women, the annual ritual of trying on swim suits in badly lit dressing rooms can fill them with dread. Too much fun during the holidays may have added on too many pounds to shed in time for ‘sun season’ might make some women wish for more fabric on their suits for beach and/or pool time. For other women, religious reasons may be behind the desire for modest sun bathing attire and it’s not just Muslim women looking for more coverage. Orthodox Christians as well as Jews want to cover up when in public… and what is the harm in that I ask? None.

As a larger size woman, I embrace a woman’s right to NOT bare all in public. I do not think it is empowering to women to wear skimpy outfits. Why is it that an empowered man is shown in a business suit but ‘girl power’ is Jennifer Lopez nearly naked shaking her butt on stage?

Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women must find female-only classes or face ...modest swimsuit from Biblical Garden

No matter the reasons why, let’s be supportive of a woman’s decision to dress modest in public. Whether it’s a burkini, a swim dress, a wet suit, or a face mask to prevent sun damage, every woman should be allowed to wear whatever she feels the most comfortable in when at the beach or pool.

Wearing swim dresses at a women’s-only beach in Tel Aviv.


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