There’s the reading, and then there’s the doing

Your library of success, motivational, and personal growth reading and viewing material is growing larger by the month. You’ve absorbed so much information that you feel as though YOU could be the next big name in motivational speaking. The only problem is… you have done nothing with the information you’ve gleaned. You haven’t stated a company. You’re not the world’s greatest sales person and you never did drop those last 10 pounds you swore you would after watching the latest trendy weight loss show. So now what? Go back over the material and read it, or watch it again. THIS time however, do it with a note pad and take notes. Is there a list of things to do? write them down, do them, and cross them off when you’re done. If you are supposed to talk to 3 people per day about your business, get out there and talk to three people about your business. Your business is not going to be successful if no one knows that you are doing a new business. When people ask them what you are up to these days… TELL THEM! if you are too embarrassed to tell them, you either need new friends, or a new business. If you decide to keep your friends, then you MUST tell everyone about your new business. Then ask them for your help. it’s up to them to decide if they are going to help you or not. It’s up to them to decide if they are going to buy something or not. Don’t take anything away from them. let them make up their own minds. In the mean time, you just keep on doing your thing. What’s the thing you’re supposed to be doing? The thing you read about in that book that’s sitting in your library.

Don’t merely be a collector of knowledge. Be a doer of the knowledge you have acquired!


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