Studying the book of Revelation

Although there were plenty of studies going on about the book of Revelation when I was a Protestant, I never did attend any of them and I’ve never read the book in its entirety. There are things in this video that are going to challenge you especially if you believe everything in the bible is literal.

There are so far 15 videos in this study. Each video is one and a half to two hours or so in length. I will be binge watching these with my bible on my lap.

If you watch them and wish to discuss them on this blog, please do so but remember to be respectful. Don’t expect any easy answers or to be responded to just because you commented.

Image result for it is not the job of christianity to provide people with easy answers

Pray and ask God for understanding… HIS understanding not yours or what you have been told your whole life.

“V” illuminated letter


I created this using Pen+Gear Walmart brand permanent markers instead of gouache or watercolor paint. The gold in the letter is Winsor & Newton gold metallic ink. After it dries you place a piece of acetate over the letter and then smooth it out with something like and agate dog tooth or a very smooth stone or nickle. It makes it look like gold leaf.

Let’s talk about Vitamin C, etc.

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Not my photo but I wish this were a room in my house. Hmmm. Ideas…

Hundreds or years ago, and even now in some areas of the world, tea shops and apothecaries shared the same space. Why? Tea was considered medicinal. AND all they all were called tea. Herbal teas were tea and not just the camellia sinensis plant the “official” tea plant. Years ago I watched a British remake of some previous movie (maybe Pollyanna not sure) the little girl went to the homes of the old and infirm and gave them “beef tea”. Tea is easier to say than tisane and I usually have to explain what a tisane is to people. No thanks. Life is too short. A tisane is a hot liquid derived form plants that are not camellia sinensis- also made from barely.

Someone left a comment asking about vitamin C. I love vitamin C. I think it is misunderstood, under used and is an incredibly important supplement. If I could, I would sit and give myself infusions of it I regard it THAT highly. I have investigated it through a orthomolecular website. I’m impressed with what i read. So much so that I cannot understand why it is not given to every patient who comes into a hospital instead of other things such as dangerous antibiotics.  Because the Standard American Diet is so craptastic, most people are deficient in most vitamins but especially vitamin C.

We have all heard about how great orange juice is for us because it is just chock full of Vitamin C… right? Wrong! White pine needles contain more vitamin C than an orange. Also oranges are full of sugar which we want to avoid. Yes, yes you do! Here is a LINK to more info and a recipe. I have white pine trees in my backyard. Okay they are in my neighbor’s yard but if I were desperate I could always try  some midnight foraging. When would I be that desperate? If I were stuck in a blizzard and could not get to the store and all my other options had run dry. It’s PINE y’all! PINE!!! I’m gagging a bit just thinking about it. However, since it is so high in vitamin C and so very effective against just about anything, I would voluntarily drink it if I happened to find myself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.  According to the orthomolecular website I referenced above, vitamin C is darn near a panacea which means it can cure almost anything. Including some of the nastiest things we’ve had in modern and near modern history. I cannot  make any declarative statements but please read and do some research. Now, don’t go and only read the articles written by people who have an investment in keeping people off natural herbal remedies and on pharmaceuticals. Can I get a cha-ching?

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My personal story: I cannot take antibiotics anymore. Maybe I should be wearing a medical I.D. bracelet with the letters- “ONLY ADMINISTER VITAMIN C INTRAVENOUSLY!” -to avoid being given antibiotics should I find my self unconscious? When I get strep throat, which although it does not happen 2 a year as it used to is still a dangerous thing to have happen to me, I have a personal vitamin C regimen that I use to kill those nasty germs.

I am a large woman. I’m almost 6′ tall and I’m heavy. I take 5 garlic capsules 3x per day and 1-2 oregano capsules in order to knock out strep or whatever else is going on. I also VERY CAREFULLY rub oregano oil on the bottoms of my feet… wearing GLOVES. This oregano oil is in a carrier oil. Watch the first 1:44 minutes of this video to get an idea on why I am so careful.

Then I wash my hands several times and avoid touching anything on my body that I love (eyes, nose) just in case I accidentally spilled some. This stuff is no joke.

When I feel I need a boost I will take a couple of packets of Emergen-C stir them up in water and drink them. Yes… THAT Emergen-C. No I did not get a kick back or a sponsorship for writing about this product. I do this for about a week. A healthy immune system is essential. ESSENTIAL!

Image result for princess bride gif "if you don't have your health


Image result for emerge-c

I like to drink water. I like what is in Emergen-c. Combine the two and two birds one glass so-to-speak.

Image result for emerge-c nutrition label
The back of the box listing the ingredients.

Now let’s talk about frequency and how much. First of all, I am not saying you must do as I do. I AM saying do research. Do it. I have read that the recommended daily dose on supplements in the US is very low. Too low to do you any real good. Okay so now what? I take a lot when I take stuff. I exceed the RDA but I’m NOT telling you to do this automatically. I’m telling you to research it and adjust your amounts as you see fit. Also for legal purposes I’m supposed to tell you to consult a physician. Consider yourself told. I hate telling you to do something I don’t do but I would hate it even more to be sued.  I have had to “MacGyver” my health. I am glad for the information I have found in books and on the Internet. I hope I am help you help you the way I have been helped.

If/when I take vitamin D I take 3-5 10,000IU capsules with vitamin K. Again, I’m not recommending you do this. This is my story and i only do this in winter when I can’t get real sunshine on a regular basis. Colorado gets cold.

Image result for sun bathing in snow
No thanks.

Do your research. Taking supplements does require research. Some supplements are not to be taken with others. Some work better at different times of the day. Most require fat to work properly, etc.

I have said before and I’ll say it again; plants are not food, they are medicine. Just as with chemicals, we can build up an intolerance to supplements, oils, tinctures, etc. By chemicals I am talking about painkillers, and other medications prescribed by physicians. You may have noticed your doctor increasing the dose on your prescriptions. This is because over time they may end up no longer helping because your body has built up a tolerance to them. This is how people become addicted.

When taking herbal supplements, tinctures, specific teas for specific ailments, or essential oils, I only take them for 1-2 weeks max. I then go off of them for at least a week to allow my body to adjust to them not being used. to “reset it” so-to-speak. If these natural remedies and supplements are used too much and too often your body becomes acclimated and you need more, but more is not necessarily good.

This man learned the hard way that too much of a good thing is too much!

Image result for blue faced man form colloidal silver
He turned blue taking too much colloidal silver. The danger is real folks!

His condition was irreversible meaning he stayed blue FOREVER. He died in 2013 at the age of 62 (too young!) due to complications from pneumonia. He was still blue.

With herbal tinctures and essential oils you must be careful. I do not take e. oils internally unless they are highly diluted. Some teas (cinnamon blends) use oils (I have no idea of the strength) to add flavor to their tea blends. If you decide to make your own tea use the oils in the dried tea leaves and other items you’re using but not directly into your cup of hot water.  One single drop in 8oz of hot water can be too much.

Image result for mixing flavored tea leaves -compost tea
Not my photo. I’m NOT saying the people who make this tea use oils but THIS is where they should be used so that they can blend in with the tea. NOT in a cup by themselves. And again, don’t over do it. Err on the side of caution.

Remember your liver is filtering everything that goes into your body. After your skin, it is your biggest organ. I find that applying oils topically is all that I need to do to experience their benefits. Internally I do teas, and supplements. Again it boils down to (heh pun) quantity over-load. Take a small amount for longer rather than a big burst for a short amount of time which could overload your system. Yes, natural remedies can take longer to make a difference but think of it this way; your body is already going through whatever it is that made you ill to begin with. Your body is bombarded with toxins constantly. Although essential oils are intended to help us- yes, yes, yes, they can help us- too much can be harmful just as with anything we put into our bodies.

Just because it is ‘natural’ does not mean it is ok to use without first doing research, finding out how much & how often to take it and then give your body time away from what you are taking so that it can keep working well for you (so that you don’t build up a tolerance).

Herbal teas with hibiscus and rose hips are great sources of vitamin C. So are red raspberry leaves. Most teas are great for daily consumption up to 1-2 cups but no more. Red raspberry leaves should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women. Many herbs have such warnings. I would only use red raspberry leaves if I had something specific going on like a cold and then only for a little while. Become your best advocate. Read books on herbs and take notes.

Here are two good books for beginners:

herbsbookdI mentioned this one the other day. I forgot that it does have some great information. A wonderful index and glossary. You can look up what ails you and cross reference the recommended herbs.





My next recommendation is small enough to put in your purse and take shopping with you when buying your first essential oils and bulk herbs. Yes, you can buy bulk herbs and experiment making your own teas.

Image result for essential oils for beginners

Essential oils can be complicated to navigate. Yo u need more than a chart off of Pinterest. You need a trained professional. I have used myself as a guinea pig on so many occasions I have lost count. I have suffered for my craft. I have also benefited from it as well.

Yes, you can get vitamins from your food but our food is so depleted form growing in soil which is depleted you would need to consume more food that is humanly possible in order to get ALL your daily nutrients. This is why you must eat nutritionally dense foods such as beef.

Meat as a component of the human diet provides a source of nutritional protein, essential amino acids, and in most cases an above average source of vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and zinc (Biesalski, 2005, McAfee et al., 2010, Williams, 2007). Meat is low in carbohydrates and does not contain dietary fiber.

nutrient-dense food (NOO-tree-ent-dents …) Food that is high in nutrients but relatively low in calories. Nutrient-dense foods contain vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats.

When I changed the way I ate; meaning I stopped eating the Standard American Diet, I began to heal and my need for supplements lessened. As I said in a previous post, I no longer needed lavender and peppermint e. oils to aid in my digestion. I had been using them often.

If you are thinking about adding e. oils into your health regimen start slow. Most people do ok with lavender and peppermint oils. I use camphor in my shower to help me breath and invigorate me for the day. I use rosemary in the shower when I can’t get my hands on the camphor. Rosemary and lavender help you to relax and sleep well. Orange and peppermint are good for when students need to study and stay alert; as in teachers should check with parents and their principal to see if it’s ok to use oils in the class room. Scent matters oils work. use a bit of orange, geranium or grapefruit oil the next time you want to study and retain better what you have read.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by. Please consider donating (there is NO obligation to do so).

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Monklies in the garden!

Inktober is coming…

And isn’t it just SO tempting to go out and buy a bunch of new art supplies in order to participate? Some art supply companies are even trying to cash in on FOMO (fear of missing out) by offering mystery art supply sets. One company is selling theirs for $80.00.

Don’t fall for it. You don’t need super expensive, fancy or new tools to participate in Inktober.

Here is a video of, Aaron Blaise, a former Disney animator using pens and coffee to create a beautiful piece of art.

He has other, longer videos of his work in pen and ink on his Youtube channel. I hope you will watch and be inspired to see what you can do with the least amount of art supplies; a toned sketchbook, a pencil (for the initial drawing) a TÜL black gel pen that you can paint over should you choose to do so as it is waterproof, and a white Gelly Roll gel pen.

that is my challenge to you. What can you create with the least amount of money spent or with supplies you already have? Inktober is about creating, not consuming. If you are participating I’d love to link to you to share your work with my readers. Let me know if you’re up for it.

The essential oils that I use

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I only use NOW essential oils. I have been given oils of other brands and they just sit on my shelf. There are a couple of MLM oil brands on the market. Having worked in other non-e. oil MLMs, I know that there is a huge mark up on MLM products to pay for commissions and prizes earned by the MLM reps. I think MLMs are like a Ponzi scheme. They always need to be in motion; recruiting selling, advancing, etc. or the rep doesn’t make money. It can be very hard to make money in an MLM if you are not one of the people who got in while the company was young. Why am I saying this? Not to be mean I assure you but as a cautionary tale. If you have an MLM essential oil rep from whom you purchase your oils they are (almost) always going to see you as a source of money and not necessarily as someone who needs healing. This is primarily why I am not part of an e. oil MLM.


When I write about or, in the near future, produce videos about e. oils I am not coming at you with the need to make a sales quota or to build a team to increase my income. Yes, donations are welcomed to my blog at any time as it does take money to run blogs and vlogs but I’m not pushing any one product in hopes of making a financial goal. I want to try and be as unmercenary as possible. That said…

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If you would like to help cover the expense of running this website, you may do so by making a donation using the below space. I put $5.00 as the donation amount. It's about the cost of a cup of coffee. Thank you for your support!


I started using, NOW oils years ago and I have never had an issue with them. They have a nice selection at the local health food store and they are affordable.

Things I have learned about e. oils.

  1. Wait to buy e. oils in a carrier oil until you absolutely need them. I have purchased rose e. oils in grapeseed oil and I have had them ‘go off’ well before the bottle was even half empty.
  2. Store e. oils, which come bottled in a carrier oil, in your refrigerator to extend shelf life.
  3. The only way to ensure total control over what is in your e. oils you would need to grow your own herbs and process them yourself. My point? You gotta trust someone at some time. There are some issues with so-called 100% organic, “kissed by angels” products. The problem being… no such thing exists. Ok the kissed by angles part was a bit sarcastic but I believe we sometimes get a bit carried away with the ‘organic’ thing. When my friend was going through her cancer bit, she shared time in the chemo room with people who lived at Whole Foods, ate nothing but organic veggies and drank perfectly formulated Kangen water. You can do everything ‘right’ and still get cancer especially if you have a messed up immune system. If you can’t afford organic go with the best you can afford.

Essential oils are not magic. I mean this in two ways; they are not weird dangerous magical objects to be feared, also they can only do  so much. Just as cardio cannot make up for a terrible diet, e. oils cannot perform miracles. At some point you need to take a close look at what you are putting into your body and be real with yourself. You are what you eat, drink, and smoke (also what you shoot and snort but that is not where we are headed today).

In the past, I have used lavender and peppermint e. oils to help alleviate gas and bloating caused by what I ate. I don’t eat those things anymore and no longer need to use these two oils in that way. I use them in other ways yes but no longer for gas and bloating. I use wintergreen and peppermint for topical pain relief. I love how they smell and they work well for me. When I’m ill I will either use oregano oil on the bottoms of my feet (CAREFULLY! it can burn) or my own so-called thieves oil which I apply on the back and front of my neck on my swollen glands and also on the bottom of my feet. Side note; clove oil has been, and is currently used by many oil paint artists to slow down the drying time of their oil based paints. I have done this and it works great.

NOW peppermint e. oil is $7.99. Lavender is $11.19. These prices are for 1oz bottles. People I know spend up to $30.00 for marijuana infused topical pain relief cream in a 1.7 oz container. I don’t need a special card to buy my oils. I’m not a big fan of using marijuana. This could change. I have tried it and it works great but so do my oils. It’s a personal decision.

There will be people who will talk trash about other e. oils because they don’t sell those e. oils. I have no affiliate with any e. oil company, not even NOW brand. I just use what I like, what has proven to do what it is supposed to do. If you have a rep that is always bad mouthing other e. oil companies think about what they are saying. Are they giving you good information or are they using fear mongering and trash talk to keep you on their hook? Again I’m saying this to help you make informed decisions. I have no other interest in the e. oil game other than as a healer. Sometime in the future I may or may not begin to sell products. There are plenty of companies from whom I can buy what I need. If I ever need something I cannot find at a store then I will consider making it and I do. Currently primarily for personal use.

Please let me know if you have questions about e. oils or would like more information about anything regarding natural healing through nutrition and e. oils.

Image result for nuns with kitties

Here is a pic of nuns with kitties.

Is it ok for Christians to study healing with herbs?


That’s the short answer. For the long answer, keep reading.

Here is a LINK about Holy Un-mercenary Female Healers.

Image result for the unmercenary women healers
The unmercenary lady healers. A church mural.

I do not trust most doctors. I have gone through too much, I have seen family members go through too much to just hand my body over to a stranger. Just trying to type this sentence is so stressful for me (memories) that I am making multiple errors in spelling (thankful for spellcheck). My health, and what I have gone through, is THAT much of a trigger for me. Therefore, I’m not going to go into too much detail about it. Suffice it to say that unless I have something catastrophic happen to me, I do not darken the doors of doctors.

I will say this, my journey into looking for ‘alternative’ paths of healing was slow in beginning. My mother was diagnosed with precancerous cells when I was nineteen. I went through my own cancer scare when I was 30 and 31.

This is the event that began my ardent search for alternatives to a healthier life. When I was 36, I met my husband and we went on our first date on my birthday. We married 16 months later BUT not before, I almost died. Yes, you read that right… I almost died AND it was while I was under the care of a physician. I can’t go into too much detail because I don’t remember much. I was fired from my job in November of 2003. A week later I was incredibly sick. I thought it was my annual tonsillitis. Can you imagine getting tonsillitis every year and thinking it’s normal? I did. Every year I was sick from November to about March. SICK.  I realize now my body was just over run with allergens and could not deal with it any longer. It manifested every year for several months. Well THAT  year, it darn near killed me. I lived-obvious- but I paid a heavy price. I had always had bad digestion and food allergies. Twenty minutes into a SAD meal and I would be in the bathroom. I only rented my food. It never stayed long enough to digest and to be absorbed by my gut. I was always hungry and always eating. that is how many fat people become fat in the first place. they are starving under all of that bulk because their gut is not absorbing nutrients. Have mercy for goodness sake! The people with hard, swollen stomachs are most likely have impacted intestines and colons even if they have diarrhea and a daily bowel movement. They also probably have parasites. Most people do I don’t care how ‘clean you think you eat. If you have mad, crazy sugar cravings that could be parasites sending out signals for you to eat sugar so they can eat and grow. Parasites love sugar. Do you get bad gas and bloating after eating sugar? That is probably the parasites processing all of that yummy sugar you just ate. Go ahead, reach for that doughnut. I dare you.

Image result for doughnut with parasites
Not my photo. You should never eat anything that glows brighter than the moon!

If you want to see if you have parasites (well VISIBLE parasites) eat some or a combination of the following fruits: pineapple, mango, kiwi, and papaya- then look in the toilet when they are done being digested. Also, beets help to get rid of blood worms. Yes, parasites in your blood.

Once, when I ate a bunch of kiwi, the toilet was full of tiny white eggs. They looked like teeny tiny grains of rice. I had not eaten rice. I have passed tape worms, liver flukes, and other ‘critters’.

During this time, I also went to a hydro-colonic specialist. This woman is highly trained and knowledgeable. She also puts an herbal mix in with the fluid she uses for administering the colonic. I had great success with this procedure and so did my husband. A friend of mine did this while she was undergoing her chemo treatments. She, and four of her friends were diagnosed with cancer at about the same time. My friend is still alive, three of her friends are dead and one is hanging on by a thread. I’m not saying that you will die from cancer treatment if you don’t have colonics while having chemo and radiation. What I am saying is that this friend of mine did really well during her treatment and we: I, the colonic specialist, and my friend, believe it is because those chemicals were removed from her body in a more timely manner from the colonic and not left to linger.  Folks, chemo chemicals are derived from mustard gas. You know mustard gas, the thing used to kill our troops during The Great War?

Image result for when was mustard gas first used

And it’s now our chemo treatment against cancer. Lucky us. Have they come up with anything better? Nope. Have they tried? Don’t know.

My friend’s chemo was called: The Red Devil. If it spilled during her treatment it was considered a bio hazard and they were putting that nasty stuff inside of her! I was convinced there had to be a better way of healing when I saw what my mom went through. I cannot go into details. It is not my story to tell. Suffice it to say it was gruesome enough to cause me to start wondering if there was a better way for me so that I would not end up in the same boat. turns out I almost did and my cancer scares happened when I was in my 30’s and still single. My mom went through her hell beginning at the age of 40. Now, we have children, and pets, with cancers that used to not exist, then they were rare now the numbers are supposedly 1 in 8 but I think we are seeing them higher to 1-5 people being inflicted with a disease that is now being linked to food and environmental causes. Let’s do the math. If a disease can be caused by food then reasonably we can say it can be reversed or avoided with food, yes? You woudl think but those of us who advocate for clean eating are the nuts and those who propose to ‘heal’ patients by cutting (surgery) , burning (radiation), and poisoning (chemo and prescriptions) are considered the pillars of wisdom. Happily these mindsets that were once carved in stone, “my doctor is the only source for medical/healing knowledge” are crumbling.

While i am thankful for the Internet, it must be used with caution. It is designed to cater to you search habits but also it brings up the most popular searches done by other people. If you want to look up how eating meat can heal you be prepared to be bombarded by all sorts of pro-vegan articles about how cows are destroying the climate (they are not) how eating red meat causes cancer and heart disease (it does not) and a myriad of other popular but wrong articles on how to eat for better health.

Go to THIS LINK for testimonials on how eating meat healed people and changed their lives for the better.

Now FOR the part about Christians and herbs… finally.

Just like any other topic out there, whether or not Christians should use herbs is controversial. It should not be. Using herbs is the most natural way to heal. Plants are NOT food. Plants are medicine. what happens if you take too much medicine? You get sick. What happens when some people try to eat their medicine as food (eat plants) they get sick.

“For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God.” (Heb 6:7)

In Genesis 9:3 God adds on meat to be consumed now. Genesis 9:3 Every living creature will be food for you; just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you all things.

If scripture tells us we should use herbs for healing, how did we get to where we are now where the natural ways are considered dangerous wives tales and rooms covered in white tile and lit with fluorescent lights are supposed to be a good thing? Why are people kept sick and near death in America yet are physically thriving in other countries such as China? One-simple-word… GREED.

Herbs cannot be patented. Patents equal money. If people are healed with diet and herbs then how will doctors, hospitals and pharmacies make their money? This is the reason why I started this article with a link to the Unmercenary Healers in the Holy Orthodox Tradition. Yes, there are male and female healers (just search for them on the Net) I just wanted to focus on the ladies. Note: In China, you pay your healer a month stipend. If you fall ill your payments stop until they heal you and keep you well. A MUCH better system I think than one where doctors are paid while their patients are ill and a patient’s death is just, ‘part of doing business’.

Image result for hut of the healer
Inside the hut of a healer.

Healing with herbs is ancient and natural and yet despite the Orthodox Church’s focus on a more simple, ancient and natural way of life, some within he church are wary of using herbs. Here’s why.

Image result for professor sprouts
How herbalists are perceived by most people.

A trend has come over many herbalist schools and teachers, unfortunately, where they talk about the essence/spirit of the plant.

Image result for exasperated gif

Really? Come on people!

Me in response…

Related image

If you are interested in learning about herbs, what plants do what, human anatomy, nutritional health, etc. GREAT!  Let’s talk about that. If you want to do the hokey pokey and dance around plants in the moonlight pandering to their little spirits, NO… just NO! You’re giving the rest of us who take this serious, a bad name.

When I decided to study plants as medicine I had to look along and hard to find a school that was not into the metaphysical aspects of plants. By metaphysical I do not mean the Chinese understanding of; fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. By metaphysical I mean; you’re reading tea leaves, you’re trying to use plants to reach ‘your higher self’, aura work, etc. This is NOT part of a Christian healer’s repertoire.

Let’s take a brief look at some Chinese medicine that could be perceived as metaphysical but really is not.

I mentioned the healing concepts of; earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. All, except metal occur naturally. We learned how to create fire and manipulate earth to give us metal- I got ahead of myself a bit.


My first herbal book. I bought it while living in Denver. A book fare was taking place in our office building’s lobby. I had been told so many untruths about herbs for healing that I was actually scared to buy it. At one point I gave it to my sister to hang on to for me (she wanted a coffee table book). I assured her I’d never want it back. Well… things change don’t they? This is a very basic: this is what this plant looks like and what it does kind of book. It does have some tutorials in the back. I love it because it was my first herbal book (I’m nostalgic) and I think it is beautiful. I wish it had gone more into Chinese medicine than it did but I still learned from it. It also contains 250 remedies for common ailments as well as how to pack a natural herbal first aid kit. LINK to Amazon page.

The principles of Chinese medicine are;


And because this image contains a pentagram you can bet your fluffy bunny slippers it caused much consternation for me and I’m sure this is part of why many Christian leaders in and out of Orthodoxy balk at natural healing methods and turn to demonic modern day medicine instead. oops, did I slip the word, ‘demonic’ in there, sorry… not sorry. There are many monks and priests who advocate using modern medicine. I ask them for forgiveness if I seem rebellious.

Hang in there with me folks I have a point. Elephants are gray things but not all gray things are elephants.

Image result for elephantImage result for gray mouseImage result for gray cat


Pentagrams are used by witches but not all pentagrams have to do with magic. I’m not advocating the use of pentagrams for anything but if you are a Christian and you are interested in the natural healing arts, sometimes you will run across such things. Not all herbal books contain pentagrams and spells but unfortunately some do because some people worship nature and herbal healing is part and parcel with that. Does that mean Christians should avoid natural remedies to protect themselves from maybe becoming tainted by something UN-natural they might encounter, possibly one day? No. I don’t believe that is wisdom. Now, I would never advocate buying a spell book. That is just asking for trouble. What I am saying is that there are cultures older than ours who have studied plants for millennia. They were studying the healing properties of plants long before they heard about the gospel of, Jesus Christ. It is pretty obvious which herbal medicine schools focus on the metaphysical side of healing and which do not. This goes beyond just crisscrossing into other areas of knowledge and dives into promoting a certain mentality and style of healing. This type of healing typically involves; energy work, crystals, meditation, auras, ‘angel healing’, etc.

Some ‘healing’ can do more damage than the original issue for which your client came to see you about initially. Yes, some ‘natural healers’ can leave their clients worse off, and possibly now ‘infected’ with demons or under demonic influence. Yes, I believe in evil and demons but I also believe in the healing power of prayer, Holy oil, Holy water, the eucharist, the Divine Liturgy, herbs, etc. The things that God gave to us.

Let me introduce you to the online Christian Herbal Healing school I used to learn about and to better understand how to heal people with herbs. The following is an article written by the school’s founder.

God’s Herbal Blessing


“For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from God.” (Heb 6:7)

In Hebrews 6:7, we see the cycle of the herbal blessing. First, God sends down rain for the thirsty earth to drink. Then herbs grow that are useful to those whom cultivate them. And finally, blessings upon the whole earth are received.

As Christian herbalists, we are included in the ones that cultivate the herbs. What a great honor to be part of this cycle of herbal blessing!

The Rain

Without water, we have no herbs. And without herbs, there would be no medicine. And without medicinal herbs, there would be no Christian herbalists and no healing blessings.

Today’s modern medicines all share the same humble historical beginnings. We have medicine because God watered the earth and allowed medicinal herbs to grow and prosper. We have medicine because we have herbs. It is from the herbs that ancient medicines were formed and it is from the herbal chemical templates that modern medicines were first created. It is a fact of science that modern researchers and chemists copied and modified the chemical templates of herbs to create new and more powerful medicines.

It is important to remember that the herbal healing blessings that we learn about and share all started with precious water. And as Christians, the spiritual symbolism of water is very important to understand.

“Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4:14)

From the precious water of God, we get life and our medicinal herbs. And from the precious water of Jesus, we get life eternal! In your Christian herbal ministry, it is important to always share the water of Christ with a thirsty and dying world.

The Herbs

After the spring rains, many colorful herbs fill the landscape near the foothills of my home. It is a wonderful sight to see! The colorful display and scents of spring herbs give a living testimony to God’s great majesty and glory.

As Christian herbalists, let us not forget to stop and smell the roses! Sometimes we get so caught up in the intellectual side of what we do that we forget that herbs are not just for medicine. Herbs are a blessing in sight, smell, taste, and, yes, for the healing of the nations too. But before herbs are a blessing for healing, they are a blessing of beauty and art and a great confirmation to the reality and presence of God.

Christian herbalist – get out there and explore the fields of flowers and God’s majesty! Enjoy the wild flowers and herbs in the simplicity of their natural beauty and habitant. Forget about the science and the medicine for awhile and just soak it all in. Stop and relax – see, smell, and enjoy the full blessings of the herbs.

The Cultivator

To cultivate means to help prepare and grow; to improve by labor, care, or study. As Christian herbalists, we cultivate medicinal herbs to help teach and heal people for God’s glory. You are the cultivator and you are responsible to bring and share the blessing of God and His herbs to the people.

After you stop to “smell the roses”, it is time to labor, care, and study the medicinal herbs so that you can continue your calling to serve mankind with love, patience, and with whole health healing. You, Christian herbalist, are the cultivator of the medicinal herb.

The Blessing

The fullness of the blessing comes when we are obedient and committed to serve God and His people by sharing our knowledge of Biblical whole health care and medicinal herbs with others. You have been called for a purpose. You have been wired by God to have a passion for medicinal herbs. You have been selected to be the cultivator mentioned in Hebrews 6:7. You have been selected to be the one that brings the fullness of the blessing to the world. As a Christian herbalist, you are special because this hurting and evil world needs to hear, see, and taste the Good News of Jesus and His healing herbs of blessing.

Therefore, let us continue to learn and grow together so that we can continue to build a network of Christian herbalists committed to sharing the blessing of Hebrews 6:7 with others.

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Here is a LINK to the school should you wish to investigate it further.

I enjoyed learning from this school. It is biblically based, there is no weird spiritual stuff. No metaphysics, etc. It’s just straight up plant, and human anatomy information. You learn how to distill herbs into useful oils, slaves, etc. You learn how to forage for plants, plant identification,plant properties, etc.

The ONLY complaint I have about this school is that they advocate the Mediterranean diet. I am a firm believer that no one needs to eat a plant ever. the need for fiber is a marketing breakthrough and plant oils are dangerous to consume. That said I also believe the best diet is the diet that works best for you. I have tried the Mediterranean diet. It didn’t work for me. I have only experienced healing through nutrition by eating a diet high in meat, eggs, and dairy. I do BEST just eating beef and bacon.

Some advice if you decide to take this course. Download and/or print out EVERYTHING. I still have all of my files form the course which I took in, 2017. If you are taking this course via your smartphone, I recommend figuring out how to print things out in order to have a hard file/copy to look at when needed. This is where your public library come sin handy. Go there before signing up for the course, tell them you need to be able to send files there for printing. Be nice to the library staff. They will end up being your allies. I have library ladies saving books for me left and right because we have struck up a friendship. Make the library staff your new tribe. Seriously.

Now that you have taken your herbal courses and you have your certificate… what are you going to do with it? Good question. If you want to practice natural healing as a naturopathic doctor, that’s about 8 more years of schooling. Mostly, I mix up essential oils for my husband and I to use. I have studied supplements and especially vitamin C. Now when I get sick, I take vitamin C instead of antibiotics. I have used vit. C to knock out strep throat. Hubby fell up our concrete stairs a couple weeks ago. I used an essential oils blend on his wounds. He is a T2 diabetic; infection is a real and scary threat to his health &  well being. He is doing great. I also use that same blend on my glands when I am sick. I educated myself on dry brushing.

I am a firm believer that the best medicine is the medicine you don’t need because you never got sick in the first place. If I do get sick, however, the least caustic, man made anything is the best, and the first, choice I make.

I have used essential oils on my feet, on my stomach, as I mentioned before, on the glands in my neck (topically of course) and any other way I see fit because I am a grown intelligent human who would rather take responsibility for herself than put myself in the hands of the butchers passing themselves off as doctors. I will maintain my health thank you. If I get into a car accident or falloff a ladder then I will go to a doctor.

One of the biggest problems we have in America is that people are believing in a system that is unsustainable rather than believing in their own ability to improve their health themselves. People have believed the lie that only someone with a degree can decide what is best for everyone else. That’s just wrong. what I did, what I am is an autodidact. That is a fancy way of saying I taught myself. You can learn quite a bit from the Internet and those old fashioned things called books.

If you are interested in leaning more about natural healing please let me know.

I do not claim to know everything. What I do know I am happy to share with you. I cannot and will not diagnose anyone.

This was a very long post. I usually try and give you a photo of a monk with kitties as a reward. Here is a photo of well, I’m not sure if it’s a monk or a nun. This person is picking the petals off of this flowering bush. The petals will either be eaten in a salad, made  into a jam, or used to make a tincture. Thanks for sticking with me.

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Carnivore update

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Beef-left, bacon-right. Not my photo. Taken from Bull, Burger battle website.

Straight up I have cheated like crazy during this supposed time of ‘strict carnivore’ eating plan for 30 days I was going to embark upon. It is easy for me to fall off the wagon when I’m at other people’s houses. I need to take bacon with me where ever I go to avoid eating off plan. I did have bacon in my purse the other day.  The giant puppy had a hard time keeping her nose (actually her whole giant head) out of my purse! All-in-all I have not done too much damage to my efforts. I have still managed to decrease my waist by one inch. But I do think about how much better I could have done if I had been strict about not cheating.

I have gone back to the more strict version of carnivore over the last couple days and I’m already noticing a difference (my waist measurement as I already mentioned) but something odd but understandable has happened. My stretch marks are shrinking! I was rubbing the lower part of my stomach this morning (where my marks are more heavily concentrated) I noticed the deep spaces in my tissue were gone. The visual scars remain but I can no longer feel them except for right on the surface (they are scars after-all). I find it fascinating.

Before when I went on diets and lost weight, these other physical changes did not happen. I think that because I am eating meat and taking collagen supplements my skin is healing. Connective tissue plays an important part in our bodies. I think it’s easy to overlook this point if we are too focused on losing weight. I also believe this is why so many on the carnivore diet have reversed the signs of aging. Eating meat, and collagen improve the appearance, and structure of skin. Our cells love the fat and collagen and so do other parts of our bodies (brains, joints, etc.)

Have you experienced healing in unexpected ways when you went on the carnivore of lchf diet?

Nature sketch: Hyena

My hyena looks like a lion…


After some tweaking. h2d


Ok NOW I’ll stop messing… maybe.


Summer garden report


Colorado is beautiful when it rains.

The cactus bloom.


Fields that were brown turn green and the wildflowers explode in a riot of colors.It’s all rather amazing, beautiful, and inspiring.

A couple months ago, I bought 4 cherry tomato plants from a local plant nursery. I was ecstatic when I saw tiny blossoms form on some of the branches. I was equally saddened when the blossoms fell off unpollinated. What happened? I moved the plants farther out into the yard and not under the shade of the patio. Two of them have teeny tiny little cherry tomatoes popping out!

The below photo is not mine. It shows how the tomatoes are supposed to look when fully developed.

Image result for yellow pear cherry tomato

I can only hope! My plan is to harvest seeds from some these plants to grow multiples of my own for next year. I’d eventually like to start selling plants. If I cannot get seeds from these plants, I will by them off the Internet. Although I am primarily a meat eater, I do realize that there are people out there who can eat plants, their fruits, and their seeds. With so many plant nurseries closing in favor of growing and selling marijuana, I think plant nurseries are still needed and a viable source of income… I hope. I am also crossing my fingers that one, or more, of my neighbors doesn’t freakout and report me for selling plants. I’ve already had one report me to code enforcement for too-tall weeds in my yard. Lovely. I’m praying. I envision Solo cups full of tiny tomato plants, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, radishes, etc.- all being sold, grown, eaten, or displayed on someone’s porch for fall decorations (the pumpkins). I also plan to grow and sell cut flowers.  I’m sitting on 1/4 acre. I should have the right to do something with it to make money. I can’t understand spending my time and treasure growing grass just to ‘look good’ for my neighbor’s property value. I’m scouring sales on potting soil and stocking up. Remember the hot water trick I told you about HERE? It seems to be working. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and no toadstools in the new container garden. I have sown the seed according to the directions but I am reluctant to thin the plants. I hate destroying them.

The scraggly, $9.99 tomato plant I bought from the grocery store has produced 5 edible fruits so far and there are 3-4 more waiting to be picked.

I just remembered, mom & dad have wood pallets for me at their house! I need to go get them sometime and set them up for other container gardens. A gardener’s work is never done but working hard to set things up for future production is going to yield great results for next year… I hope. I hope. I hope. God willing and Lord have mercy.

Still reading Matthew

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Our church has a small, but awesome book store. Seriously it is top notch!.

The other day I wrote about bible studies LINK HERE. BSF or Bible Study Fellowship’s study this year so going to be on Acts and Epistles. When I found out what their topic was going to be, I started looking for Orthodox alternatives. Why? Even though I do not like BSF, by mom attends it (she just informed me she will not be attending the Acts study this year) and the idea of a bunch of women coming together to study the word of God with each other touches something deep inside me. But not deep enough to attend BSF.

There were some over priced books on the Internet about various gospels, individual studies of each book, etc. They were far outside my price rang. Oft-times such books are published once and then either forgotten about as something newer comes along or the author dies or… whatever The point is that without newer printings the old copies become harder to get and this makes the price go up.

I went to church last night for a special vesper service. Before I left, I went to the book store to see what was available. I am So glad I did! You guys, you gotta get this book!

The Four Gospels
Book can be found at various online shops.

I started reading it today while I was babysitting The Giant Puppy! My eyes have never been cleaner cuz she loves to lick them… gross. Yes, I do think that is gross. This dog thanks you for feeding her, giving her water, giving her ice and for making it out of the bathroom alive, I kid you not. She is very good at being encouraging. But I digress…

I’m still on the introduction for this book but I can tell it is geared toward giving the reader a complete picture of the gospels. It goes deep without losing the reader. Archbishop Averky wrote it some time before his death in 1976. It’s just been published in 2015.

In the introduction, Averky writes about the origins of the gospels, when they were written, how they’ve been used by pagans in unsuccessful attempts to attack Christianity, the language used, the canonization of the gospels, etc. I found it to give a thorough enough explanation of things without being overly burdensome & bogging down the reader with excessive and unnecessary details. Sometimes when I read something this scholarly it’s as if the writer has a hard time self editing and letting go of some of their research. I get it but it is more important that people are able to read your work than it is for you to get brownie points for your diligent research. Averky is humble enough to leave some things out but wise enough to know that some things are too important to ignore.

He addresses supposed inconsistencies and contradictions between the accounts given by the various gospel writers. He also explains; Why are there only four gospels? Why was each man given a particular symbol; man/angel, lion, ox, eagle? And so on.

He writes about Luther’s issue with the book of James talking about faith without works.


This is the first of three volumes. You can either order all three as a set or one at a time. I’m going the one at a time route.

If you have been wanting to do an in-depth self-study of the new testament, I recommend starting with this book and then deciding what to do next. I am still reading the book of Matthew and most likely on Sept. 1st I will begin my daily bible reading but on top of all of that I am reading this study. Now, I may have to let something go if I cannot fit all of this reading into my schedule. I anticipate it would be the daily bible reading. I very much wish to keep up with the other bible study going on (BSF)  which is also beginning in September. Again I am not going to formally attend it but as I said, I will be doing THIS study of the gospels instead. Typical for my life right now… I will not have anyone with whom I may discuss what I read. Well, I can talk to my husband about it and I am glad to have him as a sounding board. I will not have anyone who is ORTHODOX to talk to about what I discover so I’m going to share it here on my blog. If you decide to buy the; The Four Gospels- book and wish to follow along, let me know.

All are welcome.

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